LNH: Cover Gallery #37i

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 12:41:57 PST 2019

In the background, an enormous pirate ship floats on a sea whose waves are pink and baby blue with little whitecaps. Atop its mast, purple lightning coruscates around a coil of metal, and on its bow stands a very boring old white man wearing a pirate's outfit. The clouds in the sky are dark and stormy, but they part to reveal the haloed form of a heavenly Muppet.

In the foreground, on a rainbow sandbar, Lass Lad is shifting, Animorphs-style, from a crouched and reeling male form to a confident and upright female form.

Senator Binary: This musical Tesla coil will sing out your defeat, Lass Lad! The Fluids of Gender are *mine*!

Male Lass Lad: You broke the boy in me...


[Caption: Can the Gender Defender make it where the future's lyin'? Can this prisoner break free of... THE DEATH MARCH FROM ST. ELMO'S FIRE?]

Author's Note: I will probably use Lass Lad's line again in a more serious context, it just has such Good Trans Energy.

Drew "extremely trans voice" Perron

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