MISC: THE INDESTRUCTIBLE INVULNERGIRL # 1 Origins! Part 1 - by J. Vandersteen

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– INVULNERGIRL:  Origins! Part 1

An appartment building is on fire. The fire brigade is trying to extinguish the fire. One fireman tells the other one: "I hear there's still some kids in there."
     The other fireman says, "I'm afraid there's no way we can get them out of that building alive. The fire is everywhere."
     "I think I can give it a try," a voice says. The fireman look behind them. Standing there is a girl clad in blue spandex and a mask that leaves only the lower half of her face open. There's brown ponytail coming from the back. She als wears a pink knitted cap.
     "Huh? Who are you?" the firemen ask.
     "Call me Invulnergirl," the girl says.
     "It will make sense. You see, I'm indestructible. Invulernable."
     "Ah. Haven't heard from you before," one of the firemen says.
     "Yeah, I'm new at this. Just let me do my thing," she says and runs towards the burning building.
     "Who the hell does she think she is? Godling?" one fireman tells the other as they watch her go.
     Invulnergirl walks into the building, her body is on fire as she walks in but it doesn't harm her. She hears crying. "It's coming from above," she decides.
     She runs up the stairs as fast as she can. Several pieces of the building crumble and fall down, Invulnergirl evades them as best as she can, some pieces bouncing off her. She then spots three kids, about six and nine years old, huddled in a corner.
     "Don't worry, I'll get you out!" Invulnergirl says and stretches out a hand. At that moment part of the ceiling caves in and drops right on her head, covering her in debris. The kids scream.
     "Damn," Invulnergirl's voice sounds from under the debris. "I wish I was superstrong as well as invulnerable. Then I could easily lift this crap off of me. Now I'm stuck!"
     The kids run towards the debris and start to shove away piece off Invulnergirl. Then the superheroine's feet shoot up, kicking off a large piece of debris. She gets on her feet, brushing off some dust.
     "Thank you so much, kids! Now come with me, I'll protect you," Invulnergirl tells the kids. She shields them with her body, catching fire but making sure the kids don't.
     The firemen look amazed as they see Invulnergirl walking out of the burning building with the kids. As soon as they come running out the building collapses behind them. Paramedics quickly take care of the kids.
     "I think they are all right," Invulnergirl says.
     A fireman points at the superheroine, trying to form words, but unable to. "What's wrong?" Invulnergirl asks then notices she is still on fire.
     "Oh crap," she says and drops down on the floor, rolling until the fire is out. She gets up again. "Sorry about that. Gotta go now!"
     The firemen watch the new superheroine get on a pink scooter and ride off.

Invulnergirl parks her scooter in an alley. She takes off her mask, showing the teenage girl she is. "Well, that was quite a superero debut, I guess?"
     She puts on some normal clothes over the spandex; jeans, a pink hoodie. She rides off again on the scooter, thinking, "Imagine, two days ago I was just a normal cheerleader..."

Two Days Ago (Flashback)

Invulnergirl, just a normal girl then walks out of the gym, wearing a cheerleader outfit. An Asian, pretty cheerleader is walking along with her. The Asian girl says, "Wow, Katie! You're getting better by the day."
     "Thanks, Akiro. Guess hard work pays off," Katie says.
     "I work hard, but I'm nowhere near as good as you. You're a natural. Ugh, wait... There's that dork, Hank.." Akrio sticks out her tongue.
     A young man wit longish hair, glasses and a Bowling For Soup T-shirt greets them. "Hi, ladies... Katie, are you ready for tonight?"
     "Tonight?" Akiro asks and gives Katie a surprised look.
     "Yes, Hank is helping me with my math homework, the dear," Katie says.
     "Hmpf. All right," Akiro says.
     "I can help you as well," Hank tells Akiro.
     "I'd rather fail math," Akiro says. "Or swallow a frog." At that moment a big and handsome jock puts an arm over her shoulder.
     "Hey, babe. Come, I'll take you to the new Star Wars movie," the jock says.
     "Awesome, Frank!"
     As the couple walk off Katie tells Hank, "Sorry about Akiro being such a bitch."
     "I'm used to it, don't worry. Would love to see the new Star Wars, though."
     "Maybe if we make good progress with homework we can go together?"
      Excited, Hank claps his hands together. "Great!"
Some time later they are on Katie's scooter, Hank on the back. "Did you see Godling defeat those cyborgs on the news?" Hank asks Katie.
     "Of course I did. Must be so awesome to be a superhero, right?"
     "Yeah! Sick! Did you know my dad used to work with Doc Proton?"
     "The Doc Proton? The superhero / scientist?"
     "The same. In fact, my dad is working on some pretty cool stuff right now. Let's go say to him before we get to work."
     "Sounds good."
     The scooter stops at a big bungalow. The two teens go inside the house. 
     "Dahaaaaaad? I want you to meet someone," Hank yells as the walk in.
     "I'm in my lab, Hank!" a voice says.
     "Follow me," Hank says and opens a door that lead into a big room full of machines, monitors vials, cupboards, etc. Just what you would think a scientist's lab in a comic book would look like.
     "Amazing!" Katie says. "I would have never figured this to be just in a room inside your house."
     "Some dudes have a mancave, my dad has a lab. Ever since mom died he spends most of his time here," Hank says.
     A tall, thin man with red hair in a labcoat greets them. "Hi, kids!"
     "Mr. Connors! Nice to meet you," Katie says and shakes his hand.
     "You must be Katie Howard? My boy can't shut up about you!" Hank's dad says.
     "Oh?" Katie says. Hank blushes.
     "Err... Dad, why don't you tell Katie what you're working on right now?" Hank asks.
     Mr. Connors says, "Sure... Working with Doc Proton and watching Godling at work kinda inspired me. I got to work on this radiation that will alter the molecular structure of things. Or perhaps even people. It will make them indestructible."
     "What? That would be amazing!" Katie says.
     "Cool, right?" Hank tells Katie, winking.
     Connors points at a large machine with what looks like a huge cannon on it. "That's where they radiation comes from and..."
     It is that moment the wall explodes. Four men wearing red skintight outfits and commando gear walk in, carrying submachine guns. Red masks with big goggles cover their faces. There is also a fifth intruder in the same outfit but wearing a skull mask.
     "What?!" Connor says.
     "Oh god! That's The Red Raider" Hank says.
     "Get down!" Katie yells and tackles Hank to the ground. A barrage of machinegun fire barely misses him but hits the special radiation machine, making it explode. The explosion lifts Katie from her feet, throwing her across the room.
     "Take them all out!" The Red Raider says.
     "No! Leave us alone!" Connors says, running towards The Red Raider. The henchmen hit him with several bullets. He is instantly dead.
     "Daaaaaaaaad!" Hank screams and runs towards his father.
     The henchmen point their guns at Hank, ready to fire. Katie jumps in front of Hank, the bullets hit her, but don't penetrate her body. She falls on top of Hank.
     "Sorry!" she says as she lands on the young man.
     "Sorry? You just saved my life! But how can it be those bullets didn't kill you?"
     "No time for that. We will have to survive these guys first," Katie says.
     "We take the equipment, maybe we let you live," a henchman says.
     "No, kill them. You know how it is with these survivors. Before you know it they want revenge and put on a mask or something, The Red Raider says.
     Katie understands she has to act quickly. She jumps up, sommersaults using her cheerleader training and lands on top of a henchman. She tackles him to the ground, grabbing his gun and hits him in the face with it.
     The other henchmen fire their guns at her. The bullets bounce off.
     "How?! Is she wearing kevlar or something?" The Red Raider wonders.
     That's when Katie fires the gun she grabbed at him. Bullets fly past The Red Raider.
     "Damn! Let's get out of here!" The Red Raider says. He runs off, the henchmen following him. Sirens sound in the distance.
     "I think this is the start of a very strange time," Katie says.


NEXT: The Origin Continues!


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