SW10/WWW/PRECOG: Powernaut Coming Attractions

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sun Dec 22 20:44:37 PST 2019

As often happens between Powernaut series, it's time for Coming Attractions.


Psychovant will resume his American History series, once school is back 
in session.  I've got five more lessons to put out, to cover until the 
end of the American Revolution.  By then, we get to stuff that most 
schoolchildren are already forced to learn about.  If I really want to 
keep going with that curriculum, Psychovant might put out specials. 
These would (1) teach about border wars between U.S. states; (2) 
describe why the best President was really James K. Polk; and (3) put 
forward Psychovant's opinion on which President would win in a knife fight.


Next comes Episode 2 of Powernaut 2008:  Reality House.  This stems from 
an interlude I wrote back in the actual 2008, about a Powernaut Family 
built around Powernaut 2005. 
(http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2008/assessment.htm#superbeat)  Now I 
finally have a good explanation for that concept, though I will of 
course have to take some liberties with the original story.

-  Some of the heroes from that interlude will show up.  (The Toledo 
Torpedo looks like he might run away with the story.)  Many others will 
also appear, to represent the state of Superhuman World 2008.

-  With all the guest stars, this looks like another spectacular of at 
least two parts.  I am still plotting it, but I have begun artwork. 
Still, we're looking at a Powernaut series break of at least two months.


After that (or possibly mixed in), Powernaut 1992 begins.  Our 1990s 
Hero wanders into the final confrontation between Ellipsis and the Doom 
Bear.  That alone will be another spectacular, probably two parts.  But 
1992 goes on with an episode after that - the Death of the Powernaut, in 
Superman style!  Which is to say, he doesn't stay dead...  That leads 
into the rest of the 1990s.

Powernaut 1992 and 2008 are together likely to consume all of the 2020 
publication year.


There's other stuff I could conceivably publish, like some stuff before 
1985 or after 2015.  I might mix it in.  But I'm at last getting to the 
end of what I originally wanted to publish for Powernaut Comics.  I just 
need to charge through the 1990s.

-- Scott

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