SW10: Psychovant Teaches American History #11: Why'd the English Win?

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Tue Dec 17 18:07:32 PST 2019

Psychovant the Duck here, with your weekly American history lesson.  Two 
week break after this, for Xmas and New Year.  Vacation in Thailand for me!

Up to now, we talked about the Spanish, French, and Dutch.  Now, the 

Why did England finally colonize the New World the fastest?  Two words: 
Fringes, and refugees.

While Spain was sacking a Mexico city filled with Aztec gold, England 
was fishing off $#@!ing Newfoundland.  Not a lot of opposition there.

Then England had a civil war at home, for 30 years.  You'd think that 
might backfire, except people suddenly thought a cabin across the ocean 
was actually a good idea.  Massachusetts and Virginia came from rival 
factions in that same war!  But Massachusetts got settled faster, 
because Virginia's faction was winning the war for a while and the 
Massholes were refugees!


   - Also 
.  Facebook don't like that one for some reason.

   - Spain and France were at war most of that same time, but their 
homelands were mostly safe 'cause they fought in Germany.  About which, 
the "Pennsylvania Dutch" ("Deutsch") came from Germany, and they wound 
up swearing allegiance to England 'cause it wasn't France or Spain. 

   - Yeah, "Masshole" is a real word, though of recent use. 
  Apparently the official term for a resident of Massachusetts is a "Bay 
Stater".  But I never heard *that* term while hanging out in New England.

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