MISC: GODLING # 63 Supernatural! Part 3 - Hunting the Hunter by J. Vandersteen

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– GODLING – THE ONE MAN PANTHEON:  Supernatural! Part 3 - Hunting the Hunter by J. Vandersteen

The vigilante of New Troy, Dober-Girl is on the floor of a dark alley. Her throat lies open, she is covered in blood. Detective Darlene King sits next to her.
     "My Lord! How did that monster kill a superpowered vigilante like Dober-Girl? We're really facing something else," King tells Officer Janson who is sealing off the area.
     "Obviously, yes. I think Godling will want to know about this."
     "I'm calling him in," King says and speaks into the communication bracelet Godling gave her. "Godling, this is Detective King. I think you will want to see this..."
Godling is still in the underground city of monsters, the Creature Kingdom with Mina and King Vampire as the call comes in. The ruby in his headband flashes. He presses it and King's voice sounds from a speaker in it.
      "...Your sometime partner in crime-fighting Dober-Girl has been killed. And it looks like it's the work of our serial killer."
      "What? Dober-Girl? Killed? No!" Godling clenches his fists. "The headband will locate your whereabouts. I'll head over there with the speed of Hermes."
      "What was that all about?" King Vampire asks the One Man Pantheon.
      "Luger has killed a friend of mine. A superpowered one. Dober-Girl is quite a fighter... If he's killed her..."
      "I told you he's one of the most powerful vampires that exists," Mina says.
      "I am hurrying over to the crime scene," Godling says.
      "Take us with you," Mina says.
      "I'm not sure I can..." Godling starts.
       Suddenly Mina has taken the form of a bat. King Vampire says, "You can take us with you in this form, right?"
      "Huh? What? Yeah, I guess... I didn't know you could..." Godlings says, amazed.
      King Vampire changes into a bat as well. Both both bats sit on Godling's shoulder as he rushes off with the speed of Hermes.

Darlene King's hair whips around in the gust of wind Godling creates by rushing in with superspeed.
      "Whoa! Careful there," King says. "I don't want you to mess up the crime scene."
      "Sorry about that," Godling says. "I should have put the brakes on a bit earlier."
      "Yeah, don't worry about it. I guess we've managed to gather enough evidence from this psychopath. Without any use," Darlene says.
      Godling kneels down beside the dead body of Dober-Girl. Tears form in his eyes. "No... I was hoping it wasn't her... But it is. She was becoming a dear friend. And now she's gone already.
One of the few people that could really relate to being a superhero. Even if I thought her methods were a bit rough sometimes. She deserved better then this. Slaughtered in a dark alley."
      "Err... Godling? What's with the two bats on your shoulder?" Officer Janson asks. As if on cue the bats leave his shoulder and transform back to King Vampire and Mina.
       "What the?" Janson says and draws her gun as does King.
       "Wait! Put back those guns," Godling implores. "These two are allies. King Vampire and Mina, Detective Darlene King and Officer Janson."
       "You are the lawbringers of the top world, right? An honour to meet colleagues," Mina says and extends a hand. King and Janson shake it while Janson mouths to King "top world?"
       "We come to aid Godling in tracking down the serial killer plagueing your city," King Vampire says. "The killer is a powerful vampire called Luger."
       "Vampires? Just like you, right? Damn, and I thought in the last few years I'd seen it all," King says. "Well, I guess any help is welcome."
       "I think this superpowered woman hurt Luger a bit. There is some blood of his on the ground. The trail is still fresh. I think I have a chance of tracking it," Mina says. With those words she tranforms into a wolf.
       "That's quite impressive," King admits.
       "Let's follow my sister," King Vampire says.
       "Officer Janson, you take care of the crime scene. I'll follow these guys," King says.
       "All right, Detective!" Janson acknowledges.
       And so, Godling, Darlene King and King Vampire follow Mina's wolf-form as she sniffs the ground, to her prey.
They end up at an old abandoned warehouse. Mina stops in front of it, switching back to her human-looking form.
       "I think he's in here," Mina says.
       "An abandoned warehouse? I figured this guy might be a bit more creative," King says and pulls the slide on her 9mm pistol. "I'm ready to go in if you are."
       "Be careful," King Vampire tells the detective. "He's really powerful."
       "Are you sure you want to come along? I already lost Dober-Girl. I don't want to lose another dear ally," Godling tells King.
       "Don't worry about it," she says. "I just wish these were silver bullets."
       "Aim for his head," Mina advises.
       There is a big padlock on the door. Using the power of Heracles Godling crushes it, opening the door. Slowly they enter the building. Darlene King is holding a flashlight she uses to illuminate the dark building.
       A black mist surges towards them all of a sudden.
       "Watch out!" Mina shouts.
       The mist turns into Luger. He slashes at Darlene King, her gun drops to the floor. Luger grabs her by the throat.
       "Let her go!" Godling orders him.
       Luger grins. "Another of these weak bitches I will taste the blood of. Unless you let me go."
       "That's not an option," Mina tells him. "We bring you in. Dead or alive."
       "Fine, then she dies," Luger says. He bares his fangs but before he can bite, Darlene pokes him in the eye with a finger. He shrieks and drops her.
       Quickly, Godling grabs Darlene in his arms and gets her away from the evil vampire.
       "You took out my damned eye, you bitch!" Luger cries out.
       "We'll do more than that," King Vampire says and punches Luger in the face. Luger shakes it off and headbutts King Vampire with so much strength the heroic vampire gets down on his knees.
       "Brother!" Mina yells and jumps towards Luger, tackling him. They roll around the floor, trying to sink their teeth into one another.
       Luger manages to rise, holding Mina above his head as he has her crashing down on his knee with a loud CRACK! Broken she falls to the floor.
       "NOOOOOO!" King Vampire growls and attacks Luger again but with incredible speed the evil vampire slashes open the heroic vampire's face, covering it in blood.
       "Enough!" Godling says. "I vowed to never take a life, but I guess you are already dead. I will remove you from this world, you monster!"
       "Go ahead and try!" Luger says.
       "Taste the power of Apollo, the Sun God!" Godling says and fires a ray of bright light from his fist, totally covering Luger. The vampire screams as the bright sunlight leave nothing of him but dust.
       "Wow, that was brutal," Darlene King says.
       "It seemed to be the best option," Godling says. "Now to take care of my new friends..."
       He walks over to King Vampire and Mina and puts his hands on them, using the healing powers of Asclepius on them. Grateful they shake his hand as Mina's broken back heals as does King Vampire's face.
       "What you did there... You could be very dangerous to us. I'm not sure how I feel about that," King Vampire says. "As leader of people who need to hide from the sun you are a great... risk."
       "As are you, a people feeding on blood," Godling says. "But if we learn to trust each other instead of fear each other I think we will be all right."
       "I think you are right. You are an inspiration to all, my friend!" King Vampire says.

NEXT: What will Lower Troy do without Dober-Girl?

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