LNH: Cover Gallery #1006i

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A Where's Waldo-esque portrait of a gaming convention, full of booths, 
merchandise, game demos, etc. However, every participant is dressed like 
Ultimate Ninja, and each one of them is inaccurate in some way (wrong color 
belt, silly hat, literally just Naruto, etc.), except for one (left for the 
reader to find).

ULTIMATE NINJA WITH KITTY EARS (face in a circle on the left side of the cover): 
We must discover the traitor within the GEUNGI[*]!

ULTIMATE NINJA WITH GOOGLY EYES (in circle on right): As is our tradition, let 
us bring it to a vote!

ACCURATE ULTIMATE NINJA (in circle on left, in thought bubble): I have to make 
sure they accuse the wrong Ultimate Ninja - before they find out the truth about me!

[When the Nabob of Ninjutsu discovers the diabolical panel schedule at the 
Gathering of Evil Ultimate Ninja Gamer Impersonators, can the finger of 
accusation be pointed in the wrong direction until the crack of dawn? Can a 
ninja wolf in a ninja sheep's clothing survive - ONE NIGHT ULTIMATE NINJA!]

[tiny note at bottom: pronounced "gyoon-gy"]

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Drew "definitely not a minion, or a Minion" Nilium

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