WWW: Ripping Off King Arthur #286 -- Just put it out of its Misery Part Sixteen

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sun Aug 4 18:01:26 PDT 2019

On 2019-08-04 14:33, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Here's Ripping Off King Arthur #286 an eleven page monster where Dr. 
> Vivian N Tropolis finally gets her chat with the Mechanical
> Webcartoonist.
Wow, you've been saving up lots of artistic effects to let loose here. 
I can only hope to do as well as that some day.  (Powernaut 1999 will 
particularly need stuff like your first page today.)

> (Would have probably been a page shorter if I hadn't made a
> gratuitous reference to 'The Syrup of the Gods')
Powernaut 2014 Part 2 will be one strip longer than planned, for that 
same reason.

I've always loved when Marvel Comics plotlines would take a slight 
detour, so that (for instance) the Hulk could get sucked into an 
Avengers or X-Men plot for an issue or two.

> https://www.rippingoffkingarthur.com/just-put-it-out-of-its-misery-part-sixteen/
> Arthur "Gratuitous.." Spitzer



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