LNH20: Writer's Block Person #38: "Free Comic Book Day Special II: The Winter Soldier"

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat May 5 09:06:00 PDT 2018

Writer's Block Person walks on-stage, wearing the Cosmic Comics Bowtie, which is 
about a foot wide, fluffy, bright bubblegum pink, and is imbued with the power 
of all comics ever given away for Free Comic Book Day. However, it will not be 
mentioned again.

"Good afternoon, all!" says Writer's Block Person. "I'm experimenting with 
present tense, but there's a bigger issue at hand! It's time to talk about Free 
Comic Book Day!"

"The reason behind the season is that free comic books serve as a way to get 
people into your local store. But why does this matter? Why don't we just get 
comic books transmatted into our DNA via sub-etheric radio waves?"

"Well, besides the fact that DNA doesn't work that way, there's value to your 
local comic book store that goes beyond its use as a retail outlet. A good comic 
book store is part of a community, a hub for people who share your interests and 
share your energy, a way to connect to those around you in a meaningful way. In 
this era, where our neighborhoods are so often pulled apart by gentrification, 
bubbles of boom-and-bust development, and a culturally mandated fear of the 
other, having a connection to your community is rare and important."

"Therefore, this Free Comic Book Day, why not put some energy into exploring 
your community? Not just the comic book store, although totally go there. Look 
into what's happening in your local area. Find out what's going on, and what 
issues affect the people around you. Maybe there's something new and fun for you 
to participate in. Maybe there's a place where your unique skills are just 
what's needed."

"If you use a little bit of your own energy to enrich the lives of others, that 
energy will come back and enrich yours. Pinky promise!" Writer's Block Person 
holds their pinky up and wiggles it. The Cosmic Comics Bowtie reacts to this 
childish gesture, releasing a burst of energy which summons Morgo, The Comics 
Gatekeeper, sworn enemy of new people coming into comic book stores. Writer's 
Block Person girds their loins for a cosmic battle the likes of which the world 
has never seen!

We apologize for the lies in the previous narration.

Drew "wanted to get something out for FCBD so whipped this up in about 20 
minutes" Perron

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