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Silliness is cosmically important.

Looking at the universe with a practical and sober eye reveals a fundamental,
inescapable truth: Effect follows cause. Every thing that happens is the natural
result of some other thing that happens, in an unbroken chain going back to the
very beginning.

But the problem there *is* the beginning - the idea that a beginning to this
chain exists. The idea of a first cause uncaused goes against that practical and
sober truth. It's fantastic, impractical, silly.

Of course, some scientists have put forward theories of a universe that exists
uncaused, a chain of cause and effect that stretches back forever. But such an
idea also betrays the serious and solid viewpoint, which maintains the plain and
obvious fact that everything starts somewhere. Any theory which denies such a
thing is ivory-tower, unrealistic, silly.

That which goes against common sense, human intuition, and the evidence of one's
eyes is silly. Including the origins of the universe and the turnings of the
cosmic wheel. In fact, it's rather silly that anything, ever, should exist.

The Looniverse, thus, was born in silliness, forming improbably and
unrealistically into quarks, baryons, atoms, stars and galaxies. Ridiculously,
supernovas birthed heavy elements; absurdly, planets formed out of clouds of
gas; senselessly, life developed and grew.

And still the Looniverse exists, in all its silliness. Still the Loonivearth and
Loona and the pla.nets and alt.steroids turn in their orbits. Still humanity
lives, strives, loves and dies.

But those orbits are perturbed by a new gravity. There is a deeper silliness to
the Looniverse, a silliness which maintains its life and keeps the planets
turning. In our world, we have dark matter, an unseen but felt pressure which
holds the galaxies together. In the Looniverse, they have the Writers, the
Readers, the flow of Drama and Comedy - they have us.

There is a pressure in the Looniverse, in the solar system, pressing down on the
rubber sheet of spacetime. It presses down, from high above, pressing through
the Writers and Readers even as it presses down on them, on us, on our time, on
our energy, on our safety, on our lives.

The music of the spheres has a discordant note. The Looniverse began 13.8
billion years ago, give or take, but it also began twenty-six years ago. There
was supposed to be a celebration, an anniversary, a defiant light in the
darkness. But the world pressed down, shoving out the light. There was not room.
The dread planet Neme.sys has risen, blocking out the starlight as it moves
through the ecliptic plane.

But the truth is, this is what the Looniverse was made for. Twenty-six years
ago, a powerfully silly world was born, one that could absorb the Drama from
above and deliver that energy back, as a story.

And look, as the cosmic structure absorbs, reacts. Look to the stars!

Any astronomer can tell you that constellations don't exist - or, rather, they
are something that only exists from the point of view of the observer. They are
patterns traced over stars hundreds, thousands of lightyears apart; a story,
told again and again, passed down through the generations.

Now, the pattern is being retraced. The story is being rewritten. New shapes
form in the sky of the Loonivearth, fueled by the Drama flowing in from the
world above.

And in the light that shines from these new constellations, something is
happening. A new note is joining the cosmic song, in counterpoint to the dread
sphere. The astronomers named it not long ago, but its has been quiet for many
years, and yet, now, under the new star signs, out of the silent planet comes

The dwarf planet on the other side of the solar system from Neme.sys... the
wellspring of the ridiculous, the improbable, and the silly... the guardian
world of Looniversal chaos... Eris wakes! Discord wakes!


Author's Note: Coming soon:
                  WikiLull RESIST! #1
                  WikiLull DANCE! #1

Drew "doing this" Perron

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