LNH20: Writer's Block Person #39: "Too Much Time Inside My Own Skull" Part One

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Jun 28 12:04:58 PDT 2018

On 2018-06-28 09:59, Drew Perron wrote:
> [Early March 2018]
>     Writer's Block Person was having a nice picnic. The periwinkle grass 
> shuffled musically in the minty-cool wind, and the robinfruit sang in 
> the trees. Their picnic partner, a human-shaped collection of tropes 
> named Todd, handed them a gyro and a can of god.
>     "Really?" said the purply-orange hippo, sunning xerself by the pond. 
> "We're starting another issue in the Mindverse?"
>     Yes. Now shut up.

That's my kind of dream sequence.

> || Wait, really? || said Dr. Puppy (don't think too much about how she 
> types with paws, okay). || Totally offscreen? ||

Special keyboard, no doubt.

> Writer's Block Person pulled in a deep breath, let it out, sighed. 
> "Yeah. Just..." They rubbed their arm, not letting go of Whisperion's 
> hand yet. "I'm a really happy person but I'm also a really angry person. 
> I don't show it as much, not to y'all, but it's been getting tough 
> lately. It's been so gray for so long... this winter's felt like it's 
> lasted forever."

Is this normal evil weather, or artificial evil weather?

> The light was back. It shone on a bone-white suit of armor, with accents 
> that burned a resentful crimson, and a black bodysuit laced with 
> painful-looking red veins. A ragged white cape with burned edges. 
> Oversized red gauntlets, with long claws burned soot-black. A bloodstone 
> gem in the center of the chest in the shape of a cartoon skull, cracked 
> down the middle, radiating crimson energy from the crack. And for a 
> helmet, the skull of an ancient, saurian predator, the eye sockets 
> glowing red.
>  From within the helmet came a voice, swallowing, struggling to get the 
> word out. "Skull..." They threw their head back and howled. "SKULL 
> Drew "part 2 coming next week!" Perron

Now that's an interesting development.

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