LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #47: The Crimes of the Brotherhood Part Ten

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Mon Jun 18 22:21:09 PDT 2018

On 2/4/2018 4:41 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> 	RetConan dared CC to shut off his powers for 24 hours; CC accepted.

Actually, RetConan called him weak and CC shut off his own powers in a fit of pique.

> 	"Well, well, well.  Never thought I'd see you acting like this."
> 	"Acting how?"  Judak paused.
> 	"Acting like someone in love, of course."  Spark smiled within her
> mind, then was gone.

You know. On the one hand, she does get a good chunk of characterization and 
dialogue and agency... but all of it revolves around this relationship, it 
seems. ^^;

> 	"What kind of protector was I to you?  The best I could be.  I wish
> that I could have done more for you, for all of you, but I couldn't.  All
> I can do now is carry your memories and learn from that.

This is kind of abbreviated, but it's a useful point. We find ourselves in a 
deeply threatened world, and it feels, every day, like we're not doing enough 
about it. But all we can do is our best, and if you're doing your best, then 
that is, truly, enough.

> 	He had heard about why Eraserhead was named Eraserhead.  It was
> because of his much-feared eyebeams, which had the ability to "delete"
> anything they touched from existence.  And he knew what was coming.
> 	And he was powerless to stop it.

This is a good way to use your Eraserhead, I think.

Drew "and now, the conclusion" Perron

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