MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World Part 72

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 22:33:14 PDT 2018

On 6/11/2018 10:44 PM, George Phillies wrote:

> There finally came the day on which I really did not feel sick.

Oh, lovely!

> It was very much time to re-appear at Kniaz Kang’s for breakfast, have pleasant 
> conversations with normal people, and be on my way.

I'm imagining Eclipse writing fastidiously in her day planner, "Have pleasant 
conversations w/normal people."

> I carefully 
> checked my Joe disguise and slipped into a long winter coat and insulated 
> gloves.


> A complicated loop of teleport jumps brought me to line of 
> sight behind the restaurant and its registered teleport landing pads. The pads 
> were circles of pavement, each three yards across, laid out like giant flowers 
> on each side of a spinal walk.They had thoughtfully all been shovelled 
> already.

Oh lovely!

> I’d have to thank Teranike, who did a remarkable amount of heavy lifting 
> for a somewhat minimal salary.

! :o Is this the first time that "Eclipse employs Teranike" has been stated?

> This way, any reasonable person would check the interweb,


> I was halfway down the walk when warning lights came up on all six pads. Not 
> three seconds later, what had to be half the Washington State Persona League 
> appeared all around me.I froze, about to panic. Fight or flight both sounded 
> really bad, when all I wanted was someone else’s cooking. Then I realized that 
> none of them had force fields up.
> “Hi!” That was Lady Barbara, their lead mentalist, her garb the traditional 
> mentalist dark green trim on cream.“Sorry if we startled you. We’re just here 
> for an early breakfast.”
> “Hi,” I mumbled.“Not a problem.”

That is So Good. XD I love the "pursuers cheerfully greet and interact with 
disguised pursued" trope. I wasn't expecting it and I love it.

> I pulled the side door open and held it for the Washington 
> League. It’s just what a polite twelve year old boy would do for a group of 
> adults. I had also lined them up in front of me in case things got violent.

Eclipse is so great.

> Women’s lacrosse is technically not a blood sport. Optimistically speaking. 
> Being charitable. The rules say so. Honest.They really do.

X3 I love it

> “Her,” Kang announced with a not-quite-joking frown. “Your new girlfriend. Your 
> height? Copper hair? Really pretty? Enough of a persona that she wore light 
> trousers and a lighter blouse and vest, no coat at all, despite the weather? 
> Paid for very little breakfast in good coin? After she cleaned my parking lot? 
> And asked where she should sit, you being her boyfriend?”
> “Oh,” I managed. “Her.My girl friend. We must have been on different 
> schedules.”In particular, my girlfriend schedule was for obvious reasons 
> extremely blank, likely to stay that way for some years yet, and so far as I can 
> tell at the moment going to stay blank forever. Girlfriend? What was going on 
> here?

Yessss. :D Excellent, excellent. I feel like your writing's really been getting 
better lately.

Drew "funnier and more expressive" Perron

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