LNH/REVIEW: The Tribulations of Kid Review Special: Powernaut 1987

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 20:50:19 PDT 2018

On 6/15/2018 8:48 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:
> On 2018-06-15 09:27, Drew Perron wrote:
>> ... "As part of my Big-Ass Catchup Project, I'm going to be reviewing
>> some of the storylines that have come out on RACC... well, 'recently'
>> is probably the wrong word, but within the past while. And I'm
>> starting with Powernaut 1987!"
> Hooray!  Kid Review is back in the game!

Heck yeah! :D

>> Do we know what the Infrared
>> Sunbreaker Choir is? Not from this comic (tho, as always, there are
>> helpful links to the Superhuman World wiki), but we know they're
>> weird and cosmic and have a cool name and want to stop the Powernaut
>> movie, and here, that's really all that matters."
> Powernaut 1985's trailers had an Easter Egg about winged flame beings, having to 
> continue about their Master.  That's intended to be all you need to know about 
> those beings in Powernaut 1987.  Perhaps I could have put in a footnote, though.

Ahhhhh, nice. :D And you could have! Useful for the future.

>> "On the website, Scott talks about 'a certain level of crappy art, suitable 
>> for 1987 drawing software', but honestly, the art for this one's pretty good! 
>> There's a few odd soft shadows, but I love how the characters are shaded with 
>> variations on their own color rather than just black, and the lack of outlines 
>> works really well. Plus, the simple face of the Sunbreaker gets some really 
>> good expressions, and honestly, I *really* love the head of the Choir's pose 
>> in #1 - it's manic and determined and just a bit unhinged and just a bit cool."
> You are so kind, Kid Review.  It looks a lot like crayon art to me. 

I mean, crayons can also be used to produce unique art. :>

> But perhaps 
> I've learned something, for when I produce Powernaut 1990s comics where the art 
> *and* the coloring is supposed to be good.  And I fancy myself to be a 
> caricaturist, so I keep working on facial expressions.

Hell yeah! :D

>> "The basic story itself is pretty good. That said, there's some places where 
>> I'm not sure what's intentional ambiguity and what isn't. Should I understand 
>> what, exactly, happened with Sunbreaker at the end?"
> heh...  Thanks for reminding me, the Powernaut has absorbed the power of a 
> mighty being made of flame.  That might be important as I plan Powernaut 1988.  
> It's pretty ironic how important that might be, even. (intentional ambiguity)

Ooooooh. :D I tingle with anticipation.

>> "These are small quibbles, though. Overall, it's a nice, fun, mostly
>> self-contained Powernaut adventure, and that's worth a lot."
> Why thank you, Drew.

Very welcome! <3

Drew "sallying forth" Perron

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