LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #65: Birth Of A Villain Part Five

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On 6/10/2018 5:50 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> And joining for 12.25 is newcomer Carl Burke who after doing a search
> in google groups was either not very active on RACC or some sinister
> force has deleted all his posts.

*gasp* It's the RACCies Virus! Aaaaaaa`o`

> And finally Ken Schmidt joins the fun (you'll remember from issue
> #1 of this series that he is the mind that brought us the Three
> Day Lull).  He brings Tsar Chasm into the cascade and also dares
> to actually write #13 instead of like #12.75 or #12.99 and we applaud
> him for that.


>          The LNH Van pulled into the parking lot of the LNHQ, barely missing
> running over a well-armed hovercycle and Catalyst Lass's Corvette Stingray,
> and placing a nice-sized dent in the Easily-Discovered Van,
>          "Not that scrapping that eyesore would be a bad thing," Lite muttered
> to the Writer.
>          Hrrm... you're right about that, but let's keep you guys focussed on
> the job at hand, okay?

I love this kind of character-writer back-and-forth. X3

>          Slinging her rifle over her shoulder by it's strap, Twaeila checked
> on
> the nearest person, who just happened to be Ultimate Ninja.
>          "He's alive," she told them after a quick examination.  "He's just
> asleep.  Must be Vector's so-called 'Legionaires Disease'."

Ultimate Ninja's gonna be made he got Worfed...

>          "I think the computer room will help," Mouse mentioned.  "We'll
> probably have to pull Multi-Tasking Man's face off the keyboard first, tho.
> With that impact, the computers will be calculating the square root of pi to
> it's last digit."

>          "Insomnia Lad?" Mouse asked.  "What are you doing here?"
>          "Couldn't sleep, no matter how hard that tall redhead tried.  I
> finally had to fake sleep in order to get her to leave.  I thought I'd spend
> some time running through some Duke simulations."

But not, you know, stopping her. X3

>          As she typed, Twaeila relayed her story to Lite.
>          "I'm from an alternate future presented in
> alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die," she stated.  "Most people don't consider
> that group a writing group, although it is where my Writer got his start.

I don't really understand what people *did* there other than write weird fanfic, 
so. o3o

>          "Micro$lave, hrrm?" Mouse pondered.  "The primary rivals of Dad's
> Conspiracy Corporation."

I thought that was the Queen Bee. (Shhhhh.)

> "You're going to Alice Springs because it is
> the last known location of the Lotion of Emotion.  You need the Lotion
> because it counteracts the Potion."
>          "Counteracts the Potion... ?"
>          "The Potion of Commotion."
>          "I don't believe this," muttered Mouse.


>          PL closed his watch with a snap.  "Look, I only have time to
> say this once: the potion of commotion turned the vixen to the virus,
> the lotion of emotion is the cure that is sure.

Ah, man, I have a big retcon planned around this for WikiLull. :D

>      Mouse looked at the assembled pile of votes. In the
> absence of anyone having a coin (most of these spandex
> costumes don't have pockets you know)

This is why leather jackets and pouches got big in the first place!

>      "How can we have eight votes when there are only seven
> of us?" she demanded.
>      The squirrel raised a paw.
>      "Oh right, silly me."


>      "Mouse," reproached WBW. "How could you vote against me?"
>      "It was a conscience vote mum."
>      "Oh, well that's okay then."


>      "More difficult than the plot already is?" the acolyte asked.
> Father Brown glared at him. "You weren't just breaking the
> Fourth Wall were you, my son?"
>      "N-no Father. I was merely referring to _our_ plot to destroy
> the LNH and wreak revenge for their constant meddling with
> forces which they wot not of."


> The acolyte sweated heavily
> beneath his robes. This was not the time for his alliance
> to fall apart. Not now, when their way led to victory. He
> regained control of himself and smiled. "Chaos may be my
> preferred setting, but I'd like it to bend to _my_ will."

I like how everybody understands what we're doing here.

>      "Well Father," replied the acolyte. "See for yourself." he
> fiddled with the viewer.
>      Planet Kirby's interior came into view. Inside Authorial
> and Lad struggled in the grips of the Melissas. There was
> a brief moment of tension when Narcoleptic Lad momentarily
> revived, but he was swiftly overcome once more.

Fix fix fix the timeline~

>      The flight thingee lifted off. And then settled down again
> with a thump.
>      "New question - did anyone refuel the flight thingee?"
>      "No."
>      "Alright, let's start this again."


>      Busy my foot. You just keep stalling because you can't decide exactly
> how to approach Mouse.
>      "First off, I have no idea what you're talking about. Secondly, the proper
> opportunity hasn't presented itself.

X3 I love this storyline

Drew "Tsar Chasm was always fun" Perron

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