DIVA/META: A Map of the Stars

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On 2018-07-24 21:06, deucexm wrote:
> This one's long overdue.  I do hope it helps.
> Comments and questions are/most/  welcome.
> A Map of the Stars: A DiVerse Alpha Meta-Thing
> by Felix
> The DiVerse proper diverged from 'traditional' history some time between AD
> 20XX-21XX, due to the direct interference of Eris, Goddess of Chaos (no relation
> to the Greek goddess [probably]) who was setting the stage for a 300-year plan
> (or less, but that's about how long it took) to get herself a new significant
> other.  The DiVerse's capital-P Pantheon is rather opposed to direct
> interference as a general rule, so Eris was not in anyone's good graces for a
> while after that little stunt - but she got what she wanted regardless.

This is all great stuff to know.  I enjoyed this summary.

I have planned Powernaut Comics to a similar extent.  But if I revealed 
my notes on that, it would reveal Things That No One Should Know Yet.

Still, the Powernaut is part of a greater universe.  I built it around a 
certain "Rosewood"-level character, and then I threw in a viewpoint 
character who doesn't usually get along with that other one.  It's 
probably presumptuous for me to start writing its history, though, 
because that is either in Powernaut Comics already or it will be.  The 
best place for overview is the Superhuman World Wiki, 
http://www.eilertech.com/stories/wiki/ .  The Ellipsis and Wyatt 
Ferguson entries get to the heart of it.

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