SW10/WWW/PRECOG: Powernaut Coming Attractions

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Jul 25 17:40:05 PDT 2018

Unless a disaster occurs, Powernaut 2006 will complete in three weeks. 
That'll be it for the story of Powernaut 2005 - 2006...  except not 
really, because there are some Powernaut sightings in 2008!  Things may 
get silly then.  But Powernaut 1988 is coming too, and it'll be even 
sillier.  I've already started drawing that one.

Publication schedule:

*  Powernaut 2006:  weekly for the next three weeks, probably on 
Wednesdays.  Completion in mid-August.

*  Inter-series break.  I often take four weeks off.  But it could be 
less, because I'm working so hard on Powernaut Comics.  Or it could be 
more, because I'm expecting some life drama in September.  Will I become 
a vagabond, living on the road...?  It's happened before!

*  Powernaut 1988.  Thirteen issues in which Auge von Shaitan summons a 
weird combination of forces against Our Hero...  I have proven my 
ability to publish from the road, if need be.  Last time, I visited the 
Grand Canyon by day and I worked on Powernaut 1966 by night!  This time, 
it'll probably be Mount Rushmore by day.

*  Powernaut 2008.  I have declared the little-known text story 
"1-800-POWERNAUT" to take place in that year.  It's worth a two-issue 
adaptation.  I might fit that story in before end of 2018.  There will 
be another 2008 series later.  But first, probably...

*  Powernaut 1989!  The Powernaut of that year will have some more 
amusing adventures, against foes of increasing power.  I feel the need 
to charge forward with this arc, albeit in 2019.

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