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On 7/14/2018 12:51 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
> On Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 12:16:56 AM UTC-4, Drew Perron wrote:
>> Fuck You Rainshade:tm:
> So, about that.

Oooooo. :D

> The first arc takes place in the tailend of 2014, running somewhat concurrently with the Darkhorse
> mini (though you won't see any overlap there plot-wise).

Ahhhh, gotcha. :o

> It takes place well before the Cal solo adventure and related back-ups, where Rainshade got rather TERFy 
> and poor Featherweight got fridged. The most unfortunate part of that is that the story didn't get 
> finished, because that's when I had my car accident and the Medley ceased to exist. The very next issue 
> would have had an installment in which Featherweight gets better (there's a twist there but in that it 
> kinda ties obliquely into some of the stuff coming in Mancers, I'm not going to spoil it here), and 
> becomes super-integral to the storyline.

Oooooh, gotcha. :D Definitely happy about that.

> But I'm really, really unlikely to finish that story, at least in that format. What's more likely to
> happen is that I'm going to fold it into the Daylighters series*, starting it over from scratch, and if
> the Featherweight memory wipe factors into the story, it's going to be more akin to the Kate Morgan wipe 
> from the Darkhorse series - Rainshade won't have the TERFy overtones.
> And, I mean, those were on purpose - that's who I thought that character was. I've learned more about  > her in the last couple years and I don't think it feels in character for her 
at this point. She's still > running around doing terrible things for dubious 
reasons, but those reasons aren't about exclusion and
> hatred.

Ahhhhh, I see! Honestly, that's... really a good call? Like... to be honest, 
it's always been clear that Rainshade is a character who's supposed to be in a 
moral gray area, doing not-good-but-sometimes-necessary-or-at-least-arguably-so 
things for theoretically-good-though-often-ultimately murky reasons. But in her 
actions towards Featherweight, she's just a straight-up asshole, no good reasons 
available and none really believable. The latter undermines the former, and 
taking it out is probably going to make that moral complexity and grayness work 
a lot better.

> Speaking of retcons, the Medley story "The Company Man" is not really canon at this point, insomuchas 
> the story has been folded into the Mancers series, and the company man in question has had his name 
> changed from Donald to David. Consider it an alternate version of these events, an echo of a parallel 
> universe.
> [* - At the rate I'm going, the Daylighters series will launch in like 2030.]

I know that feeling. X3 I'm glad to see you're still plugging away - I love your 
work, and if it takes that long for it to see the light of day in a form you're 
satisfied with, I'm willing to wait.

Drew "twelve years doesn't seem unreasonable for something that enjoyable" Perron

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