LNH20: Writer's Block Person #37: "Dream a Little Dream of Me"

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 18:20:09 PST 2018

"Oh boy!" said Writer's Block Person. "It's time to go out and see the Super 
Blue Blood Death Time Space Ultra Phoenix Moon!"

Writer's Block Person climbed on the roof and settled on the cobblestones. The 
moon loomed in the sky, and it got bigger, and it was huge and red and loomed 
over everything.

"Did you know," said Amy, who was dressed as Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII, 
"that the moon is where monsters come from?"

"Oh no!" Writer's Block Person stood up and pulled out their catsword.

"There's one right there!" A sort of spider-cow was falling slowly through the 
air. It fell very slowly, and Writer's Block Person watched, calming down and 
feeling like chocolate cereal.

"I'm going to go to the mall and be back by the time it gets here!" said 
Writer's Block Person. "It'll be okay, it's going to land in cereal."

They jumped in a blue bus and sat in the back and looked out at the green trees 
and sunny sidewalk. They got out at the transit station after dark. "Oh shoot!" 
they said. "The monster probably landed already! I'm late!"

They ran into the mall, but half the stores were closed. There was a comic book 
store that was dark but its door was open, and they snuck in and looked through 
the comics and trading cards. "Oh boy!" they said. "It's the '70s Superman vs. 
Spider-Man, for four bucks! I wonder if there's anyone I can buy it from! Wait, 
what's this?" They shook it and Magic cards fell out of the comic. "This is my 
old red-blue deck! How'd it get here?"

"Writer's Block Person!" said a mysterious dark figure spooky. "Know that all is 
not how it seems!"

"Hi, me!" said Writer's Block Person. "Wanna make out?"

"I-- w-- SORT OF," said Kid Review, flustered. "But though dream logic has its 
grip on you, know that you are under attack!"

"Oh crap!" From out of the back door of the store jumped a Congressman! Writer's 
Block Person wrestled him off with a nerf bat!

"It's the power of the Writing!" said Kid Review. "Because we never finished 
that arc of The Tribulations of Kid Review, it's crackling through the Mindverse 
and giving you... THE ULTIMATE ANXIETY DREAM!"

Writer's Block Person ran out of the comic book store - and out into a maze of 
gray stone, with heathered beige carpet and windows that showed gray, clouded 
skies! They fell to their knees! "This is okaaaaaaaaaay!"

"No it isn't!"

"I'm not booooooothered!"

"Dangit! You're blocking out your own reactions to this situation, and in doing 
so, allowing them to control you!" Kid Review raised their hands to their 
temples, and their eyes started crackling blue-white. "I have to use our 
alt.telepathic connection to summon up the most powerful parts of your mind! But 
to do so, I must completely surrender myself to the dream logic!!"

The crackling energy spread from Kid Review's eyes all over their body! The 
silhouette of blue-white energy opened up into the shape of a butterfly! The 
butterfly flew up and out of the windows and into the gray sky and became a hole 
in the clouds and the sun shone through! And out of the sunny hole leapt a 
six-foot-tall orange shaggy bull-woman with long horns wearing pink overalls!!

She landed next to Writer's Block Person and tossed them in the air. They did a 
forward flip and landed in front of her, and blushed. She nodded at them, 
understandingly, and they nodded at her, eagerly.

They stood next to each other. They put up their left arms, hand in a fist. Put 
up their right arms, hand in a fist. Lowered their right fists to touch their 
left elbows.

"FUUUU..." shouted the cow-woman.

"SION!" shouted Writer's Block Person.

They moved towards each other and their images overlapped and there was a FLASH! 
of light!!

A huge, tall, powerful person was there, in awesome orange armor! Big chrome 
horns! Sparkling pink cape! A gem in the center of the chest in the shape of a 
cow's head!

The gray stone and the carpets and the windows all collapsed in on each other! 
They were a big gray monster floating in the middle of green grass and blue sky 
and yellow sun and singing and dancing people!

"Within our mind, we are the mixtress!" shouted the awesome person. "Today and 
tomorrow, we're going to dream up a better future! INDULGENCE PUNCH!!"

And the stone shattered and fell into pieces, and those pieces became sand, and 
there was a beach party for all.


"berf" Kid Review woke up, eyes bleary, and pushed themself up into a sit. "uff, 
what a weird dream... oh. hi~" They leaned into the hand scritchling their scalp.

"Hey," said Writer's Block Person, smiling down at them. The night lamps from 
the neighbors' house cast a sliver of orange light across their face. "Thanks 
for your help."

"awh, d'n mention it. heroes love ev'rybody, and y'rself is part of ev'rybody, 

"That's right. Good enby." Writer's Block Person leaned in and gave Kid Review a 
soft smooch on the lips, and the latter sighed in contentment.

"mmmm..." The third person in the bed made a displeased noise. "less talking, 
more cuddling," said Lady Review.

"Yes, ma'am." Writer's Block Person cuddled in on one side of her, and Kid 
Review cuddled in on the other side, and soon the three of them were back in 


The demons frothed and bubbled in their dimensional rift. They were being 
checked, they could not yet claim the minds of men!

Too bad. I write what I want, and I'm not ready to do more of that plot yet! >:D 


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