SW10/WWW: Powernaut 1964: Simon the Super Sea Monkey from Mars!

George Phillies phillies at 4liberty.net
Wed Jan 24 21:03:21 PST 2018

For some reason when I go to comment most of the text is not here.

Powernaut 1987: Yes, trench coats.  Every villain should have a trench 
coat.  Two are better. The art is beautifully retro.

The crimes of the Brotherhood: One might propose that by terminating 
efficiency experts and corporate trainers with extreme prejudice they 
are angling for a Presidential pardon, or perhaps a Civic Beautification 
Medal, Second Class.

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> On 2018-01-24 08:35, Drew Perron wrote:
>> On 12/8/2017 6:53 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:
>>> Oddly enough, in the last month I've produced a month's worth of
>>> Powernaut comics - basically without even trying.  The catch is, it's
>>> Powernaut 1964!
>>> I'm going to release this whole series as one, then take another month
>>> off to work on Powernaut 1987.  I can't publicize on Facebook today;
>>> none of my specialty pages are loading.  But I think RACC needs this
>>> series right now.
>>> http://www.eilertech.com/stories/powernaut/1964.htm
>> Power power naut naut naut!
> I got inspired when I saw a need for the world to have the Powernaut
> theme song.
>> Welp, that was adorable. I love how he's on the Powernaut's shoulders
>> for the entire last strip. X3 This silly cuteness is definitely
>> something RACC needs right now.
> My one concern with jumping from 2013 to 1964, was with confusing people
> with all those comics about Powernaut and Paula Power.  Hopefully the
> transition between eras was clear.
>>> It's just interesting to see that something came from that pebble we
>>> picked up in 1962
>>> (http://www.eilertech.com/stories/powernaut/1962.htm).  I guess after
>>> how that mission turned out, I got fixated on space teleportation.
>>> But I really should have tested that pebble for organic matter.
>> Probably. And naturally, afterwards, you looked into Simon's biology to
>> see what the effect of the environment would be on him and vice-versa,
>> right?
>> ...right?
>> Drew "aheh" Perron
> Thanks to the miracle of Fractal Time, S.O.S. got your message in 2005!
> Here's his response...
> "Based upon my 1964 knowledge of Queezl the Saucer Alien and Simon the
> Sea Monkey, I had to conclude that alien lifeforms are able to adapt to
> Earth conditions without acting as contaminants.  But further
> conclusions about their health had to wait until later years, when more
> members of the various alien species interacted with humanity.  In other
> words...  The two aliens I knew, *seemed* healthy enough."

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