[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #69: Taming Power Of The Small, part 2

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Tue Jan 23 18:41:42 PST 2018

On 2018-01-23 15:27, wilalambre at gmail.com wrote:

> "You brainwash civilizations into thinking you're _gods_."
> "We don't convince anyone of nothing. _We are gods to them_. We've been 
> here long before their planet first spun up, and we'll still be here 
> long after it crumbles apart again. We stride 'cross their night skies 
> for exercise and we hollow out their suns to live in. We _literally_ 
> bring them fire and language and law."

This Super-Wizard has interesting language, even if he has orthodox 
doctrine from military training *and* he's on liaison duty to a 
dignitary.  Is he from Super-Planet Redneck (or some such super place 
with similar dialect)?

> "You take everything they could have been! You take away their choices 
> and replace them yours."

"*with* yours".

But missing or misspelled words in your stories, are a lot like 
miscolored panels in mine.  I won't dwell on them, but they happen.

> "You're head of a _super-race_ involved in _super-war_. That's not 
> hyperbole. The collateral damage is _literally astronomical_. We're 
> fighting over the fate of _galactic superclusters_. A whole lot of 
> people are being wiped out, and they don't understand why any more than 
> their goldfish do. But, hey, at least _you_ got a good reason for it."
> "That doezn't make any of it right."
> "Yeah, actually, it _does_. Its one of the perks of being at the top."

That is the best explanation of the magnitude of the Super Wizard war 
that I've seen.  You've convinced me, you still have a lot of story 
left.  I look forward to it.

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- from Archie #617, March 2011, scripted by Alex Simmons.

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