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On 1/19/2018 12:28 AM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> "You have to turn yourself in now!" said Doc Nostalgia.
> Fearless Leader said something in response but he didn't hear it.
> "What was that?" Doc Nostalgia motioned for him to pull down the window, and he 
> did so. "You have to turn yourself in now!" he repeated.

> "You know this is wrong," said Fearless Leader. "You know SPAMMER is just a 
> front for WHATEVER."
> "Like, what does it actually stand for?" said Asma
> "It stands for... let's see... Super Powered Asset Maintenance and Monitoring... 
> Uh... We haven't got it entirely worked out yet.


> "Let's ditch him!" said Sigrid. She plugged her phone.thingy into the car radio 
> and queued the playlist, turning on a Nightcore remix of Tubular Bells.
> "Gaaah!" said Doc Nostalgia. "A desecration of a seminal classic rock album!" He 
> fell backward and careened off a building.

I love it. <3

> They had reached their destination--the Super Dr. Astronaut Peter Corbeau 
> Memorial Library.


> "Like, a library? What are we gonna do, hit them in the head 
> with books?"

<Library Lad> Um, *yes*?

> "Follow me," said Fearless Leader. He pressed a button on his phone.thingy and 
> the car folded up into a carrying case for it. They dramatically strode into the 
> library in slow motion. The only person was there was the librarian, who was 
> absorbed in reading 50 Shades of #808080 and making angry marginal notes.


> He lifted up the head on a 
> pallid bust of Pallas

Lovely touch.

> "What's wrong with him?" said Dr. Mood. "What's wrong with him? Yes, let's go 
> make a horse cyborg. What a brilliant idea. It perfectly fits our organization's 
> image as brilliant chess masters. We just forgot one thing--HORSES AND HUMAN 


> "Baaaa," said Man-Horse.
> "You're not supposed to say that!" shouted Dr. Mood.
> "Quack."


> Dr. Contraption sighed. "Lady Deathspork isn't going to be very happy with this..."


> "It gives us the power to enter any library in the world, and in theory, the 
> entire multiverse," said a young Egyptian man in a natty suit who was, of 
> course, Library Lad.

Yay! :D

> "We were able to get some help," said Fearless Leader, "from our man on the 
> inside."
> "Like, who's that" said Asma.
> "Who do you think?" said Doc Nostalgia, stepping from behind a bookshelf full of 
> romance novels.


> "He may be a bit of a crank," said Fearless Leader, "but he's a firebrand 
> socialist at heart."

Yessss. <3

> "And I still believe in the Legion," he said. "It's my curse to only value 
> things after they are gone. I'll admit the Legion was frustrating sometimes... 
> Well, all the time. But now I can see how important it was."

Yes! :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 That's so perfect

> "No, you're right. It isn't." Doc Nostalgia embraced him and kissed him on the 
> lips.
> *****
> Is only going to get gayer from here
> *****

:D :D :D
> "But like... I never thought of Doc Nostalgia as being the kind of guy who'd do 
> weird convoluted double crosses."
> ****
> "So as you can see," said Doc Nostalgia, "that squirrel was actually one of my 
> robots impersonating the devil. The reindeer were robots as well!"
> "Gosh," said <Ollie Jensen?>, Boy Reporter, "I sure have learned a lesson about, 
> uh... What was the point of all that again?"

*cackles fiendishly*

> "Not good. The last mission took a lot out of us--Otherkin Lad's healing up the 
> rest of the team. It's hard for him without Kindle around.


> We haven't heard back 
> from Captain Minority and Lurking Girl yet. We don't know where Kid Enthusiastic 
> and Kindle are. We don't know what happened to the LNHQ. We don't know where 
> Professor Penumbra went when he vanished."

So many plot hooks! :D

> "Well, maybe this can help." Doc Nostalgia handed him a letter. "I stole this 
> from Dr. Contraption's desk. Unfortunately, I can't make heads or tales of this. 
> Uh... is there anyone here who knows Esperanto?"


> Sigrid gave her a thumbs-up. "Welcome to the Legion, kid. Hope you survive the 
> experience."
> "Don't worry," said Fearless Leader. "She says that to everyone."


> Sigrid's eyes rested on a poster of Ultimate Mercenary, wearing the costume he 
> had in the ninja wars. "I never thought I was going to say this, but I miss that 
> guy," she said. 


> "The Legion are everything I believe in. They're not the world's police or gods 
> on earth. They're a community. A community that will take anyone, whatever their 
> race or gender or ability, if they have courage in their hearts. A community 
> with a place for even the most seemingly useless. A community that exists to 
> look out for those who have no one else to look out for them. And for that, we 
> were hated. Oh yes. We were hated long before this year. The backlash was always 
> going to come. I knew. I've seen it before. But it doesn't have to be the end. 
> We're still here. There are still those who admire us and look to us for hope, 
> and we owe it to them to keep fighting. We can still change the world."

:D :D :D :D :D

> You have been reading
> instead of paying five dollars for an event comic. This was a good choice.


> I've been in the middle of reading through all of 
> Bendis's Avengers run on Marvel Unlimited, and I was struck by how weird it was 
> in the early Obama era and how this setup fit where we are now better than it 
> did then. I was also thinking about LNH20, and how that had been inspired by 
> both the Obama-age zeitgeist and the early New 52, and how many things had 
> changed in both the world and comics since then. So here we are.

It's all true.

> I wound up sitting on this issue for a year because I was hoping to get Spoon of 
> Destiny done first, and I'd left too many storylines unfinished and skipped too 
> many steps. But I've decided it's more important to be just writing regularly 
> and get the stuff out there, and hopefully that'll give us motivation to keep 
> pushing on.

Same. <3 Honestly, Just Writing works so much better, unfinished storylines or 
no. That's the true lesson of Just Another Cascade!

> Also this felt appropriate for the first post under my new name.

Heck yes. :>

> Besides Dark Reign (Doc Nostalgia's current appearance is based on the Sentry), 


> this setup is also drawing on the Outback era of X-Men (with Library Lad, who 
> has the power to navigate the Infinite Library, as Gateway)

Yessss. :3 Hm. I wonder what the LNH20 version of Weirdo Boy is...
<Chaos Theory> *raises finger*
No not you >:I
<Chaos Theory> *lowers finger, somehow looking smug*

> and the 90s animated 
> series. A lot of the mood, tone and motifs came from Nextwave!

I love the Nextwave-ian inserts.

> And of course 
> there's also the dystopian Five Years Later version of LSH (the version that was 
> current when Classic LNH was founded, and which it partially came about in 
> reaction to).

Oh yeah, that's true.

> I have no idea where any of these plot threads are going so feel free to do 
> whatever.


> Oh yes, there's a post-credits scene:

> "Kid Enthusiastic's Super Rad War Journal, day 73. Still haven't been able to 
> make contact with the rest of the team. I made it into the base. Now I'm gonna 
> find out what WHATEVER's big secret is..."

Fuck yeah

> A group of transparent cylinders were clustered around a device. Inside of them 
> were teenagers, wearing bright and outdated costumes.
> "...What the heck?"
> They were clearly the Saviors of the Net.


Drew "I gotta write something playing off this" Perron

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