DIVA: What You Love

deucexm deucexm at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 17:01:44 PST 2018

I have been working through a lot of issues of late, writer's block among them 
- though admittedly that's more symptomatic than an issue on its own - and came 
up with something of value.  Originally I'd pondered using a DIVX tag, but it's 
true to the character in question so I'll let it stand.  In part, this is me 
speaking through one of my characters; but really, when doesn't that happen?

WHAT YOU LOVE: A DiVerse Alpha Fragment
by ...you know what, let's go with 'Felix' this year.

And the Goddess of Desire spoke thus unto her beloved (that's you, and you, 
and all of you too):

Tell me what you love.  Tell me all about it.
Don't tell me about what you hate; you do that too much.

When you talk about the things you hate,
when you dwell upon them,
your brow furrows deeply and you burn fiercely-
because your raw passion for the pain and sorrow and injustice of the world
is simply too much for you to contain, to express with words.

But all things that burn are consumed - well, all but a few.
Please don't consume yourself with hate, beloved;
don't deny the existence of suffering, but neither immerse yourself in it.

tell me about what you love.  Who you love.
Tell me why it/she/they/the object of your affections
is so dear to you, even if words cannot express it.

For when you talk about your love,
you shine; you glow.  It is regenerative, healing;
it lifts you up above the circumstances of the moment
and reminds you of what matters most.
For what could matter more?

I promise you, beloved,
with all creation as my witness:
Never will I tire of hearing you speak of what you love.

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