LNH20: Bite-Size Tales of the LNH v20 #20: "Independent Research"

Jeanne Morningstar mrfantastic7 at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 31 20:56:00 PST 2018

"Hey guys!" Manga Girl burst into the LNH rec room, where Alice and 
Victoria were cuddled on the couch watching [anime that's cool now but 
people will forget about in a short period because time isn't real 
anymore], and Masterplan Lad was awkwardly floating in midair, sitting 
on his umbrella. "Guess what?"

"The Crossover Queen attacked?" said Alice.

"The world is ending again?" said Masterplan Lad.

"Another issue of Doom Patrol finally came out?" said Victoria.

"Nope! Library Lad just figured out something that'll help you resolve 
your stuff and get into the Library!" said

"Oh my god!" Alice leaped up and hugged Victoria tighter than she'd 
already been.

"Hmm," said Victoria. She stared off into the distance and tapped her 
fingers. "Masterplan Lad, do you know when our series's continuity is 
actually going to catch up with that story?"

Masterplan Lad sighed. "Please don't ask..."

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