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Sat Dec 8 08:32:51 PST 2018

On 2018-12-07 20:44, Tom Russell wrote:

> I want the characters to be interesting and complicated, and to not 
> have answers - they're people, not questions or categories.  There's
> a danger with this - particularly when writing in first person or
> indirect third - in that there are some headspaces not worth living 
> in, some people who are undeserving of empathy.  A writer can't just
> hide behind "this is what the character is like, just telling it like
> it is" to write awful and heinous things and absolve themselves of 
> responsibility for that; a writer makes choices first and foremost,
> and should be aware of those choices as they're making them.
Do you remember the "Behind Blue Eyes" RACC High Concept Challenge?  I 
took my most creepy villainous villain (Philippe St. Joseph Lateran) and 
wrote a story from his point of view.

As I write this, I'm sitting with friends of mine.  They have fond 
memories of taking children to see Transformers cosplay at a convention 
- and tell Megatron how Optimus Prime would beat him.  Thanos and 
Voldemort also came up in the conversation.

So I think there's some merit in presenting things from the villain's 
point of view.  One just has to acknowledge that it *is* a villain we're 
talking about.

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