DIVA: The Makeover - full series

deucexm deucexm at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 13:42:27 PDT 2018

As mentioned in the Map of Stars bit, 'The Makeover' is an older tale of the 
DiVerse, back before a lot of things were solidified in canon like they are now. 
Thankfully I didn't need to make any changes to it, though as the final part 
mentions I'm not fond of the way I overused bold and italic (since the tools were 
available to me) instead of conveying the emphasis through description. But alas, 
nothing is perfect.

Reproducing the original in plaintext lacks the style of the original somehow, so 
as a compromise I've reposted the nine chapters (such as they are) on my writing 
tumblr, the Last Library - which is not coincidentally a location in the DiVerse 
itself, not that I've explained that one yet.

In any case, please enjoy (via the link, which provides it in chronological order):

THE MAKEOVER: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle
by Felix


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