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Sat Oct 21 19:44:46 PDT 2017

On 2017-10-21 14:55, Drew Perron wrote:

> "That *is* the conflict! For you see--" Edwina leapt from the desk to 
> the coffee table, somehow miraculously not breaking it. Kid Review and 
> the Ununnilium Stranger rose from their seats, and she turned, pointing, 
> marking all three of them with her gaze. "I am here to make you finish 
> every single one of your unfinished stories!"
> Writer's Block Person and Kid Review screamed and clutched each other. 
> "No! Anything but that!"

Meanwhile, in the Council of Ordered Realities in 2017, the Chancellor 
Wyatt spoke.  "What do you mean, you still don't know how the Turkworld 
crisis of 2011 turned out?"

"Those universes are on time delay.  Even the worlds with your 
counterpart Wyatt Ferguson and the Powernaut have only made it to 2015, 
and even those are missing some details."

"Okay...  Maybe we could send an invitation to this ultimate editor."

"Yes, sir.  But I doubt it will help."

> ----
> Notes:
> So, yes!
> a.) Edwina, the Ultimate Editor is General Use, though you'll probably 
> find her most useful in footnotes and editorial captions. She signs hers 
> [ - Ed. (UE) ].
> b.) I actually am going to try to go back and complete literally 
> everything I've started on here. @-@ Wish me luck!
> Drew "behind but powerful!" Perron

heh.  With the upcoming closure of Power School 2013, I have a chance to 
finish some side projects also.  Not that I have been...

Mostly I've been drawing cartoons of Powernaut 1964.  Even though that's 
not next in the schedule.  So far.  I am now deciding whether 1964 or 
1987 will come next.  1987 needs to be published, but 1964 *wants* to be 
published.  1987 wants me to make its art 100% digitally, but 1964 wants 
me to draw it while I sit on bar stools as usual.  I've literally amused 
myself with drawing some waste art as regards 1987, and it's already 
been enough to fill one 1964 comic.  So I'm publishing in parallel.  You 
can see previews, at the main Powernaut web site... We'll see which one 
comes through first, probably for the start of Powernaut Comics Year 
Seven this December.


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