Rainside/ACRA: Orange Crush

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Sun Oct 15 20:34:33 PDT 2017

On 2017-10-11 20:19, Drew Perron wrote:


> When she looked up, Bedelia was watching her quietly sipping a glass of 
> orange juice. Swatii pondered that for a moment, thighs squeezing 
> together. What a fucking power move. Holy fuck.

heh.  I'll take your word for it.  And I'll admit, thighs squeezing 
together add a different sort of element to a story.  8{D>

> Okay, okay. She couldn't lay here and babble all afternoon. There would 
> be time for that lat-- ahahaha, wow. She swallowed, sat up and grabbed 
> her drink. "So," she said, "I've, um, heard a *lot* about you, your 
> reputation, heh, um," she rubbed her cheek, "um, precedes you, um, what 
> have you heard about me?"
> Bedelia smiled. "Good things." She ticked off on her fingers. "You're 
> new to the area, but you've already made an impact on the scene. You're 
> a responsive sub and an enthusiastic domme, but it takes time and trust 
> for you to be open for either. You're really sweet, to your partners and 
> to everyone else around;

This seems to be where the episode ends.

It's not really a story; more of an introduction.  But it's sweet.

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