MISC: The Girl Who Saved The World part 65

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Sun Oct 15 18:39:08 PDT 2017

On 2017-10-02 12:44, George Phillies wrote:
> Also, I am trying to reach Russ Albery about using his book reviews in 
> the N3F fanzines. Can anyone here help?

If I hadn't responded yet...  You could just post something without a 
tag such as MISC to the group, and Russ would probably notice.

> “There is concern that if Eclipse is found on the territory of one 
> nation, other nations may send forces to the scene to capture her,” 
> Durand remarked.
> “There should very much be concern that the lessons of the Summer War 
> have been forgotten,” Featherstonehaugh agreed. 
This is of course a story fragment, but I like references to things like 
the Summer War of (presumably) 1914.  I still look forward to more.

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