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[So, I think this one requires a couple notes first!

First of all, Rainside is a setting that m'self and a bunch of my partners 
roleplay in. It's full of furries and other wonderful weirdness, and is vaguely 
based on the Pacific Northwest. You'll probably see more fiction set there, 
though how much I actually post here depends on whose characters I get 
permission to share; both of the ones in this story are mine.

Second, this is Rather Kinky. It's not explicitly sexual, and I wibbled over 
whether to put the ACRA in the subject line. (Actually, I'd like to have a 
conversation about content and tagging soon!) But it's very much based around 
enjoyable power exchange dynamics, and has explicit talk about domination and 
submission and stuff. So, be warned~]


In a nice sunny restaurant on a nice sunny day, at a patio table with a wide 
unfolded parasol over it, sat a girl with gray skin, yellow eyes and black hair. 
She had two horns on her head, one short and nubby, the other long and curving. 
She wore a green vest over a black T-shirt, a tan skirt, gold sandals, and an 
aura of nervous energy.

Her name was Swatii Kaksik, and currently, she was toying with her strawberry 
lemonade, swinging her legs, and running in mental circles. Aaaaa date. Aaaaa 
kink date. Aaaaa kink date with *incredibly* impressive alien girl who she 
*definitely* wasn't good enough for--

Nope nope *nope*! Swatii took a deep breath and let the thoughts of inadequacy 
dissolve into the background noise, the sizzling of cicadas and the bustle of 
people. She was done with that. She was on Earth, and on Earth, *she* was the 
cool alien girl. Yeah!

"Hullo there. Is this seat taken?"

Swatii looked up... and up... and *up*! Oh my goodness she was *huge* with 
*muscles* and those *horns*--

"Yes! I mean, n, n, by my d-date, if, um, Bedelia, if you're her." Swatii tried 
to arrange her facial features into a smile and not a slack-jawed drool.

The six-foot shaggy orange bull-girl smiled. "I am Bedelia, as it happens." She 
took the seat across from Swatii, who couldn't take her eyes off of her; her 
outfit, crisply-pressed pink slacks with a flowy white blouse, *way* too 
stylish; her broad arms, settling on the table; her subtle curves, under her 
outfit; her face, smiling and interested, with little laugh lines around deep 
blue eyes that were focused on her and were impossibly--

"Beautiful," Swatii said, then clapped her hands over her mouth, wide-eyed.

Bedelia's smile widened. "Really, you think so?"

Aaaaa! Aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa! said one part of Swatii's mind.

Welp, said another part. You can tell the amazing lady what you think of her, or 
clam up. Whatcha gonna do.

Swatii meekly put her hands down. "B-beautiful," she said. "Gorgeous. Stunning. 
Holy heck hot. I, I think so." Her cheeks were burning orange. Aaaaa, her mind 
helpfully added.

Bedelia giggled. "*Goodness*. Ten points for some lovely honesty, plus ten more 
for saying it so adorably."

Swatii melted. Her smile got wide and vague, her eyes lost focus, and her 
situational awareness softened and ran. "y'lik s'mth'n t'eat?" she managed to say.

Bedelia chuckled. "Well, I'm eating up your reactions." She picked up the menu. 
"But I am rather thirsty."

"Haha *wow*." Swatii put her face on the table and babbled quietly for a bit.

When she looked up, Bedelia was watching her quietly sipping a glass of orange 
juice. Swatii pondered that for a moment, thighs squeezing together. What a 
fucking power move. Holy fuck.

Okay, okay. She couldn't lay here and babble all afternoon. There would be time 
for that lat-- ahahaha, wow. She swallowed, sat up and grabbed her drink. "So," 
she said, "I've, um, heard a *lot* about you, your reputation, heh, um," she 
rubbed her cheek, "um, precedes you, um, what have you heard about me?"

Bedelia smiled. "Good things." She ticked off on her fingers. "You're new to the 
area, but you've already made an impact on the scene. You're a responsive sub 
and an enthusiastic domme, but it takes time and trust for you to be open for 
either. You're really sweet, to your partners and to everyone else around; 
you're an accomplished musician, and your face when you get complimented for it 
is beautiful; and all your bodily fluids are orange." She raised her glass, winking.

"Ahahaha--" Swatii bit her lip. The blush had now reached her toes, and her 
chest felt like a hot air balloon about to lift off. "Thank, um, yes, that's, 
that's true, thank you, um, I'm just gonna." She covered her face for a moment, 
took a deep breath, let it out, put her hands down. "Yeah. Also, have I 
mentioned you're hot yet?"

"I got that impression." Bedelia leaned forward, elbow on the table, face in her 
hand, examining Swatii's face with intense interest. "I also get the impression 
that you've got a purpose. Something internal, that you're working towards. And 
you brought it here, and you're nervously waiting to let it out 'cause you're 
not sure how I'll react."

Swatii wheezed, wanting to disappear under the table and into the earth and take 
a nice nap at this planet's core, but was pinned perfectly under Bedelia's gaze. 
"It's... I'm... I am discovering how incredibly hot it is to be peeled open and 
read like a book. My knees are *gelatin*, I couldn't stand up if I tried."

Bedelia chuckled. "That's why I do it." She stared at Swatii, inescapably Listening.

Swatii closed her eyes and took a deep breath. ...and another one. ...and 
another one. She peeked. Bedelia was still Listening. Aaaa. She took one more 
breath, screwed up her courage, and said, "Well um I was thinking maybe you 
could-- you could teach me and I could help you!!" She bit her lip and waited 
for a response... waited... peeked.

Bedelia was looking at her, eyebrows raised, curious, smiling. "Teach and help 
with what, dear?"

Oh shi-- "Sorry um sorry domming!" She sat up and squeezed her fingers together. 
"Like, um, you're really amazing and the best and I thought maybe I could learn 
from the best like I saw this really amazing co-domming scene and I was like wow 
and I don't even know if you'd be interested and I thought it might be dumb to 
ask but Genny told me none of my ideas are dumb and I should take risks but it's 
okay if you're not interested I totally understand and--" Swatii burst out in a 
paroxysm of coughing, wheezing with her hand over her chest.

"Oh!" Bedelia jumped up. "Oh, hon, breathe, it's okay, just breathe... there you 
go... have a sip, there..."

When Swatii was breathing normally, Bedelia scooted her chair over and sat down 
next to her, putting a broad arm around her shoulders. "I have to say, I've 
never gotten an offer like that before. Especially delivered with such adorable 
passion!" She rubbed Swatii's arm, and Swatii siiiiighed. "I admit, I don't have 
experience either co-domming or teaching my craft."

Swatii noddled. "Makes sense..."

"But," Bedelia continued, "I've always been interested in the idea of 
co-domming. And I never really knew who I'd feel comfortable doing it with. 
Trying with a baby switch that I've trained up myself sounds lovely!"

Swatii squeed! "Oh! Oh god thanks! Wow!" Her fists squeezed together. She 
couldn't believe it.

"But!" said Bedelia, putting on a Quite Serious face. "I *do* have one condition."

Swatii meeped. "Y-yeah?" she quavered.

"You get *so* adorable and squishy, I simply *must* get the occasional chance to 
dominate you into a pile of drippy orange goo."

Swatii squished her thighs together and squirmed. "I mean, of course! Isn't that 
what this whole date has been?"

Bedelia laughed out loud and ruffled Swatii's hair. "What an excellent point."

Drew "I have no idea what the reaction to this will be, ha haaa" Perron

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