DIVA: Tales of the Holy Mountain #0

deucexm deucexm at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 22:24:46 PST 2017

I wanted something that was bitesize enough that I could crank out a segment of it
every now and then to keep the flow going - an actual segment for publication, that
is, a finished piece.  After some conversation, I came up with this; it ties into
the DiVerse, but not in any way you'd know on the surface (unless you're Drew and
you were in the conversation).  So it's easy enough to take on its own; at least,
that's the idea of:

TALES OF THE HOLY MOUNTAIN: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle 
by Colin Stokes 


Some worlds never achieved spaceflight.

Whether by design or capricious whim, some worlds never received the Quickening;
and of those, some portion yet remain tied to their own gravity wells, unable or
unwilling to break free.  But this is not always a bad thing; progress comes at a
price, after all, and many worlds have too readily traded much of value for it -
history, culture, and more besides.

These are not stories about space; not directly, at any rate.

These are merely stories about a mountain, where two goddesses fell from the stars
and made it their home.

Here there is peace and serenity - and mystery, danger, love, adventure; here,
there is life, and all the wonderful and terrible things that life entails.  But
above all else there is peace, for the goddesses wish it - and they have the power
to make wishes come true, even their own.

These are the Tales of the Holy Mountain, where Kurogami and Shirogami dwell.

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