SW10/WWW: Power School 2013 #20: So Here We Are

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 10:40:07 PST 2017

On 10/26/2017 7:18 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:
 > This certainly worked out better than it could have been...  and this series
 > is concluded!
 > http://www.eilertech.com/stories/powernaut/2013b.htm#20

Interesting. This is an emotionally satisfying ending... I *think*. Apologies 
for harping on this point so often, but I think we could've maybe split this 
strip into two and had a couple more panels of exploring the emotions behind 
this merge? That said, the base idea is solid. I think. <3

 > I don't have a lot to say about this series, that the characters and I haven't
 > already said.  I'm just having fun with all these characters in one place.
 > I've described it as, Laff-a-Lympics meets World War Hulk. The only question
 > remaining is:  Does anyone really want to reconvene to finish the Battle Chess
 > game?

Good question. X3

 > Paulie Poderr
 > Spanker 4's merge partners broke up with him. So to say.

XD That's well-put.

 > As for that guy in the picture...  That's from before a reality shift which
 > led to the formation of our universe.
As you do.

 > I had to look up the guy's name:  "Wyatt
 > Ferguson".  He was working with Coach Powernaut.  Somehow we still have that
 > picture, and that history alongside our own.  I think it's related to why the
 > other Powernauts went on that space mission. It's as though the universes
 > might be colliding again sometime.

oooooh. That's foreboding. :3

Drew "has some interesting 'universal collision' stuff in an upcoming story arc" 

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