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Wed May 31 12:14:06 PDT 2017

"This," said Occultism Kid, retrieving the orb from the chest, "is an
artifact said to have the power to defeat Trump--the Orb of Covfefe.
It was forged in the Para.Net.Elemental Plane of Typo. It--"

Just then, there was a burst of cosmic energy, and
Gets-Angry-At-Overused-Memes Man appeared! "Argh! No more orbs! No
more covfefe! I've had enough!" He shattered the orb to pieces with a
blast of anti-memetic energy and then disappeared.

"OK," said Token Girl, "what was that about? Why orbs? And what the
hell is a covfefe?"

"Well," said the hollow voice of Occultism Kid's door warden, "this
story is still set in 2016 but it's being written in 2017. In the
third month of Trump's presidency, he met with the king of Saudi
Arabia and the president of Egypt and they took a photo clutching a
mysterious glowing orb."

"Wow," said Token Girl.

"Shortly after that, Trump made a tweet that just said 'Despite the
negative press covfefe.' It went undeleted for several hours. It
became an inescapable meme and then there was the backlash to the
meme. This all happened in less than a day."

"What? Really? Really? This is something that's actually happening in
the Real World and not some LNHY kind of absurdist political satire?"
said Token Girl.

"I'm afraid so," said Occultism Kid.

"Does this mean that Arthur Spitzer is really God after all?"

Occultism Kid shrugged. "That'd make about as much sense as anything
at this point."


Notes: I could have waited to put this in a proper issue but figured
I'd better strike while the covfefe was hot.

Occultism Kid: Josh Guerink
Token Girl: Tara O'Shea
Door warden: Paul Hardy
Gets-Angry-At-Overused-Memes Man: Mine, free for use

Adrian "The Dark Spaceknight" McClure, now with sig

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