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> [LNH/LUNA] "Speaker For the Thread" Part 3
> by Dave Van Domelen
>    The question. Who answers.

Getting new Dvandom LNH stuff regularly is more than enough
justification for this series's existence.

>     I am a speaker for the thread, which sometimes means answering questions
> forgotten, laying the old ghosts to rest.  This is not without its danger,
> thread necromancy is feared and hated.
>     But I answer them nonetheless.

I love how this story is taking a concept like "thread necromancy" and
building something weird and resonant on it... That's very LNH.

>    "NO MORE BEING QUIET!" thundered a voice from everywhere. "NO MORE

Holy fuck this is amazing. PC Person definitely wins the award for
best revamp right now. I love the idea of actually treating them as a
character and taking their perspective seriously.

Also how we've been getting more jokes about queer and trans stuff
from a queer and trans perspective. (The pronoun stuff here, for
example. And I'm inordinately proud of that one Marvel Zombie Lad line
in SC #34.)

Also Miss Social-Cues is adorable.

> *============================================================================*
> *[LNH20/LUNA]----------------------------------------------------------[GOLD]*
> *---------------------------------DREAM
> DATE---------------------------------*
> *-----------------------------by Adrian
> McClure------------------------------*

So this is an interesting issue for me b/c it has stories from me from
both sides of the Four Month Gap. This one was written shortly before
the long burnout period....

> LNH]---------------------------------------------------[MOLYBDENUM]*
> *------------------------------CHICKS IN
> SPACE!------------------------------*
> *-----------------------------------Part
> 1-----------------------------------*
> *-----------------------------by Adrian
> McClure------------------------------*
> *============================================================================*

And this was written after. And the contrast is really interesting. My
style has been changing a lot lately, and the first one is maybe right
at the beginning of that, where instead of political outrage stuff I'm
choosing to respond to the bullshit that's going on right now by
focusing more on queer intimacy. But I don't quite get there yet.
"Dream Date" is, like a lot of things I have written, a story about
frustrated desire. The Liminals is all about pushing through that
barrier, about accepting the intimacy and building community and such.

The second story is written on the other side of that, it's one that
makes that kind of feeling of casual intimacy very clear, the kind of
thing I would have struggled to write at an earlier stage. A lot of
the characters I write and gravitate toward are deeply repressed (and
Cat is still repressed about a lot of things even though she's also
emotionally expressive in some ways) and now I'm trying to get to the
point of letting them be happy and cuddle and stuff, even though
emotionally traumatic shit and complicated story arcs are still going

I'm also trying to do less "good" writing. Trying to prioritize
capturing emotions and being expressive over having conventionally
good writing structure. I think that's part of how the LNH is supposed
to work. Also with all the bullshit going on now, we need that kind of
rush of good emotional energy and worry less about getting it "right."
So its structure is a bit looser and it's packing more things in. The
first story is taking this one thing and doing an LNH riff on it,
whereas the second is riffing on like four or five different things
(not Thelma and Louise though! I've never seen it. I didn't know until
just now it was from 1991 and not like the 70s). This whole feeling of
packing in as many riffs and ideas and sensations as you can is part
of what made the best Classic LNH stories great. This is the year I
really got that I think--when I cracked the "LNH Code." And I finally
feel like writing "real" LNH after trying to figure out how for like
five years (though that still produced a lot of good work).

Also--I now realize I totally know at least one person who would date
the octopus.

> Authors' Notes and Administrivia:
> DREW: The Core LNH #3.0 takes place before the Another LNH Title? Really?
> Free Comic Book Day Special, wherein it's revealed that WikiBoy has gained
> the ability to suggest edits to others - or, perhaps, simply become
> comfortable with that ability.

I feel like he'd be more comfortable with that with people he's
particularly close to, like Merissa or Cannon Fodder. (I haven't got
into it yet but I feel like WB and CF got to be friends over being the
LNHers that the rest of the team has a history of taking for granted.)

Adrian "The Dark Spaceknight" McClure, now with sig

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