LNH: Worst LNH Series -- EVER! #1 -- The Beginning!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer2 at gmail.com
Sat May 6 13:33:59 PDT 2017

          Worst LNH Series -- EVER! #1

                  The Beginning!

Looks like you just made a mistake.  You were just clicking 
away on all those amusing other tales on 
rec.arts.comics.creative without a lazy daisy care in the 
world.  And then you accidentally clicked on this one.  You 
were probably expecting another rib tickling yarn.  Another 
exciting, thrilling mind bending epic that would take you 
away from your dreary little existence.  But sadly -- 
that's not going to be the case this time.  Oh, no, it 
isn't.  Nope.

No, this is going to be painful.  This is going to be 
unpleasant.  You will never be able to wash away the boring 
and uninspired prose that you gaze upon now.  No, it's too 
late.  Much too late!

For I am not here to entertain you.  I am not here to 
dazzle your brain with inspired concepts that transcend the 
mundaneness of being.   There will be no amusement here.  
None!  For behold I am...

DOCTOR REFUSE2AMUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"Hey, what's going on here?" said a stranger sauntering 
into the room.  Dr. Refuse2Amuse halted his mad cackling 
and turned his head.  "Oh, wait.  This is like one of those 
LNH Series.  Awesome,"  Dr. Refuse2Amuse scowled.  It was 
his roommate Rick.

"Oh, should I be doing something hilarious here?" Rick said 
downing a bottle of Mr. Paprika (Now that's man's injoke 
that has no choice but to appear in this issue!).  "I could 
like belch the theme to the Love Boat, or maybe..."

"NO!  Don't do that," screamed a very agitated Dr. 
Refuse2Amuse,  "Don't do anything amusing.  Don't!!  I 
swear if you do one single thing to bring the reader any 
type of joy I will be destroy you!  I will splatter your 
brains all over this studio apartment.  I am not kidding!"  
Dr. Refuse2Amuse aimed his crackling wrist bands right at 

"Man, you're a bit of a grouch today."  Rick took another 
slug from his bottle.

"Do not test me, Rick.  Do not test me!"


Credits:  Dr. Refuse2Amuse and Rick are mine.

Writer's Notes:  Well, it was either this or a Namer Boy 
ongoing series...

Arthur "Think I made the right choice..." Spitzer

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