LNH20: Writer's Block Person #30

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu May 4 21:27:24 PDT 2017

Writer's Block Person was curled up on the couch, on their laptop, 
reading The Liminals #2. "Awww," they said. "Awwww..." They paged down. 

They pulled at their hair. "Crap! This is too sad!" They leapt up from 
the couch, striking a dynamic pose. "I must hug!!"

Kid Review came out of the bathroom. "What's this now?"

"Kid Review!" WBP pointed at them dynamically. "Where'd you park the 
Superlative QUantum Intercontinuity Net.Thingee?"

"Down on Meade, since you *still* haven't paid for a parking spot in the 
lot - what's up?"

"No time to explain, HUGS ARE NEEDED!" WBP ran out the door, out of the 
parking lot, down the street, around the corner - and smack into the 
Ununnilium Stranger.

"GREETI-- oof!!"

They ended up in a pile on the grassy strip. WBP gingerly levered 
themself up, helping up the Stranger. "Er, sorry."

The Ununnilium Stranger brushed the mud off their tie-dye trenchcoat. 
"That's okay! For I have portendous tidings!" They swept their finger 
into the air. "You must not cross universes and hug Victoria Arden!"

Writer's Block Person gasped. "Is it because it would cause a rift in 
the fabric of spacetime, tearing reality asunder?"


"Is it because doing so would put her on the wrong track of fate, 
causing a darker future than the one I desire to prevent?"


"Is it... because we still haven't had a big, official crossover between 
LNH20 and Classic LNH and this would deflate the tension despite the 
Classic LNH version of me standing in my kitchen making waffles?"

"Once again, no!"

"Then why?! Why can't I hug!?" Writer's Block Person tossed their hands 
in the air and dramatically tilted their head back. "Whyyyyyeeeee~" they 

"Because..." The Ununnilium Stranger pointed portentiously and 
dramatically at them. "It would actually be really creepy!"

"Eh!?" WBP was flabbergasted at this idea.

"Yeah. Like, a random stranger coming up and hugging you? Most people 
would be a bit put off, and she's got all kinds of social anxiety and 
stuff on top of that."

"...ohhhhh, crap, you're right!" They bopped themselves on the forehead. 
"Man, I wanted to be nice but I wasn't even thinking about the other 
person's reaction."

"Well..." The Ununnilium Stranger slipped their hands into their 
trenchcoat, and withdrew a foot-long space-black knitting needle, 
sparkling with cosmic energies. "If you want to add a moment of cheer to 
her life, so long as you do not care for credit or acknowledgment, the 
warp of fate is ready..."

Writer's Block Person looked at the needle. They nodded, reached out, 
took hold, and...


After a nice night, Victoria, hair messy and not caring, eventually made 
her way to the cafeteria. She looked at the display of different 
cheesecakes, searching for something she *knew* wasn't going to be there--

Ah, nope, there it was! A single slice of strawberry chocolate 
cheesecake - her favorite. It went fast, and by the time she got in, it 
was usually gone.

She took the slice and moved along in line, her day just that little bit 

Drew "my first scene change in one of these" Perron

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