LNH20: Writer's Block Person #29

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Wed May 3 19:03:16 PDT 2017

"Welp, this is a milestone," said Whisperion, laying on the couch.

The sink turned off, and Writer's Block Person walked out of the 
kitchen, drying off their hands. "Sorry, what?"

"This is a milestone," repeated Whisperion, sitting up. "Your 
twenty-ninth issue. There were only twenty-nine issues of LNH stories 
that came out in 2016, so you've already, just in this one series, 
matched that."

"Ohhh, cool!" said WBP, sitting down next to her. "But it'd be kind of 
tooting my own horn to acknowledge that, wouldn't it?"

"Hon, I've watched you toot your own horn plenty of times." Whisperion 

"Oh my *god!*" WBP covered their blush with both hands and flailed their 
legs in the air.

"Heeheehee." Whisperion grinned. "Anyway we're kind of in the middle of 
doing that anyway."

"...hm yeah." WBP rocked back upright, face still pinkened. "So... what 
should I do with it?"

"Maybe announce what you're going to do with this series long-term? You 
fell off the daily posting thing a while ago."

"Ah, yeah... well, I think it's going to stay basically the same format. 
I've done a lot of 'playing around with short formats' stories, and I 
think having something where I can just dash off a story in one sitting 
and toss whatever's in my brain onto the page is really good for me, as 
a writer and as a person. Aaaaand..." WBP pondered, tapping a finger on 
their goatee. "I think it'll just go to 'whenever I feel like it'. 
Keeping up the daily posts was a good exercise, but also hard. I'm gonna 
shift some energy over to getting FLASH! going again, and all my million 
billion other writing projects."

"Very good," said Whisperion. "One other question."


"What are you going to do about-- RACULOUS, THE FIEND OF TIME!?" She 
gestured with her staff, as a big monster leapt snarling out of a portal 
and onto the living room carpet.

"Oh shit!" WBP leapt up. "Battle time! HENSHINSPIRATION!"

Drew "thank you for reading!" Perron

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