SW10/LNH/WWW/PRECOG: Powernaut Coming Attractions 2017

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Fri Mar 31 19:04:45 PDT 2017

Oh, why not just respond to the last Coming Attractions?  It's been all 
this time since then, with Powernaut 1945 and the previously-supposed 
end of 2006 in the middle, yet my choices right now are exactly the same.

On 2016-07-29 18:35, Scott Eiler wrote:

> 1.  Power School 2013:  Homecoming!  Uh oh, there's a monster on the
> march from 2012.  Who or what might be cheering it on?  (Clues in the
> most recent RACCies!)  But first, Power School and Legion of Net.High
> School have to decide what kind of game their teams play at their
> Homecoming ceremony!

That incredible secret will be part of the series... coming soon!  I now 
am committed for this story ahead of Powernaut 1987.  And I'll probably 
put the (newly supposed) end of Powernaut 2006 ahead also.

I haven't finished the 2013 plotting...  How could I, until I play the 
entire game for myself to see how it ends?  But at least it's at the 
point where it will write itself.

I see a trend toward small projects lately.  But this one will not be 
small.  It'll be the same magnitude as Powernaut 1985, for the same 
reasons...  Oh, crap.  Yeah, I could *make* it a small(er) project, but 
then we'd miss the game.  And I'm already enjoying the game.  And it 
would be wrong if I had the LNH as guest stars but they were really just 

> 2.  Powernaut 1987:  Powernaut Year One!  The franchise got rebooted in
> 1985, and it's time for Our New Hero!
> -  This story arc will eventually extend through the 1990s; it will
> finish the history of Powernauts prior to 2005.  So eventually I *have*
> to tell this story.

And I'll be slogging through the artwork, at least at first.  My early 
experiments with the Powernaut 1987 art style were pretty clunky.  No 
way will I be ready for another story within a month.  I'm not even sure 
how to get to the end yet.

But I do have the story to where it just needs one more thing to make it 
interesting.  I'm trying to use my (ahem) Random Plot Generator to spice 
it up, but it's hard when that same generator is already "worldbuilding" 
for the rest of my universes.  Random plot ideas, anyone?  Anyone??  8{D>


But before that...  This is the time of year I call, the Powernaut 
All-Star Break.  I take April off every year, because the RACCies are 
coming!  I came to enjoy that break so much, I put one between every 
Powernaut series now.

Now that I have a break, I suppose I should work on the next RACCies 
ceremony.  I promise, no huge epic that makes people (including me) 
forget to read (or write) the awards.  But before that, I should really 
nominate RACCies.  But before that...  aww, where are the old-style 
Eligibles lists?

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