LNH20: Writer's Block Person #8

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 11:22:47 PDT 2017

On 3/30/2017 9:57 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:
> On 2017-03-30 15:52, Drew Perron wrote:
>> "Well, um... oh! Remember how Drew proposed that, in LNH20, there was
>> a space empire that ruled the sector of space Earth was in, and it
>> was controlled by a race of beings who looked like adorable
>> blue-green puppies?"
>> "...no," said Dr. Puppy.
> I do!  Kind of, anyway.

Yaaaaaay! Someone remembers! X3

>> "That's *adorable*. I'm going to rub you behind the ears now."
>> "Would I actually let you-- oh. Nrf. Awrf. Okay. Well. I guess I'm okay
>> with that."
> Now that's worldbuilding.

It's worldbuilding in the same way that walking around with an armful of 
bricks and mortaring them into place as you go is architecture, yes~

Drew "terraria incognita" Perron

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