LNH20: Writer's Block Person #7

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Mar 30 18:59:23 PDT 2017

On 2017-03-29 17:55, Drew Perron wrote:
> "snrk" went Writer's Block Person. "pfnnt"
> "ehe" "ehe" "ehe"
> "heeheeheenBWAHAHA"
> "oh my god" "oh my god okay"
> "okay, okay, one more"
> "...BWEEheeheeWAHAhaha oh my god"
> "You're high, aren't you," said Dr. Puppy.
> "pfnt!! No, no... this Tumblr, this Tumblr is just really funny...
> eeheeheebwahahan!"

I would have guessed, something called a French Tickler was involved.

> Drew "what am I doing with my life" Perron

Dare I ask where to find such an amusing Tumblr?  Even "Judgmental Maps" 
only gets it up once a week.

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or not... *you* are held responsible. - Barack Obama

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- from Archie #617, March 2011, scripted by Alex Simmons.

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