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Sun Mar 26 15:45:48 PDT 2017

On 3/26/2017 2:16 PM, deucexm wrote:
> The Star Queen never truly slept, not any more.  When starlight becomes a part of
> you, sleep becomes unnecessary.

I love this sentence. So much.

> She soared through space, untethered from her physical form, and swept her gaze
> across the worlds around her.  Some in shadow, some in the light of the golden star
> burning at the heart of the system.  All of them hers, marked with the stardust
> only those of the royal line could see.

This is some really interesting worldbuilding and I want to know more.

> She turned back to her throne,
> and snatched the Meteoric Queenstaff from its holding bracket, striking the butt
> end heavily against the floor to activate it.  Three tiny red gems popped out of
> the golden pot at the head of the Queenstaff, starting to orbit it with a quiet
> hum, and the Queen nodded in satisfaction.

This is such a cool and decisive action.

> "Y-yes, my Queen!"  Myria didn't think the King's return very likely, and the Queen
> knew it; Myria knew she knew it, and the Queen knew Myria would never bring the
> topic up (not since the first time, anyway).

awwwwwww. *nods* Good, deep relationships.

> And so the Star Queen raised the Queenstaff, and sang a single note of absolute
> purity, her eyes closed, starlight tears dripping from their corners.  The orbiting
> gems resonated, echoing the note, louder and louder as the golden pot shone with a
> brilliance that grew and grew until it forced Myria to hide her eyes.

ahhhhhh <3

> Most citizens of the kingdom were still asleep at
> this hour, and even those that were awake wouldn't step onto the grounds this
> early, while the liquid starlight still trickled down pillars and pooled in various
> indentations.  It was a raw and wild sort of energy, the stuff of stars.

mmmmmf. <3 So vivid, so clear.

> "You needn't hurry /quite/ so much, I think," Prince Jack managed breathlessly
> during a short pause, one hand on the nearest wall to support himself.  "I'm sure
> Mother trusts our judgment."


> The gods were known to grant favors somewhat inconsistently, but had a tendency to
> be better listeners when the conditions were just right.  And right now they were
> just about perfect; not only was starlight dripping everywhere, but all three moons
> were overhead too, and even the Warden's Wheel was in full view, its glorious
> golden rings and spokes glittering as it spun.

ooooooh. *Such* good worldbuilding.

>  "I know it means a lot to you, but will you at least take a moment to-"
> "Done and done,"

Heeheehee. :> I love this.

> "May She have mercy on you in your inexperience."

Dun dun dunnnn...

Drew "never seen a diamond in the flesh" Perron

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