MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World Part 60

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Sat Mar 25 00:05:24 PDT 2017

On 3/23/2017 8:55 PM, George Phillies wrote:
> We’re
> curing sickle-cell anemia. Not a bone marrow transplant scheme, the full
> genetic alteration scheme so that neither the sufferers nor their
> descendants will be in any danger.

oooooh. Yes good.

> “Won’t the League of Terran Justice complain?” Krystal asked. “They have
> this idea about inherited genes being sacred.”

Oho. Interesting. The ITJ seems very much your big worldwide "rah rah 
conservatism" group.

> “Anyone who cures a genetic disease, except that your kids still inherit

> it, is a moral pervert,” Morgana answered.

That's a very "1950s-60s SF writer" way to put it.

> Atlanticeans had genetic cures, assumed that kids

> could always be cured the same way as their parents so they didn’t need

> to adjust the germ lines, and when the continent went under…well, there

> were a lot of young people, generation after generation thereafter, who

> died in ghastly ways, notably collagen failure shortly after having

> children.”

Oof. x.x That's fair.

> “The League’s lead assassin got taken out by a tenth-grader in

> Washington,” Morgana said.  “She had a decent force field, and a

> willingness to fly into a wall. Hard. Why he was sent to assassinate

> student automobiles is beyond me.

Fascinating. :o I'm not sure quite what's implied here.

> The one

> concession to color was a circular carpet woven in an intricate scarlet,

> white, and black pattern. Krystal North carefully stepped around the

> carpet.  It might be harmless, she thought, but it looked remarkably

> like a high-power third-order schema.

Niiiiice. :3

> You should emphatically warn your intervention team,
> should they be needed, that they should not get between Janie and her
> targets, unless they are absolutely sure that she knows they are going
> to be there and has time to react.”
> “Why not?” Krystal asked.
> “She will feel very guilty about all of your people that she
> accidentally kills,” Morgana answered.

Aw snap.

> “Even if I assure her she has bettered the species.

Oh, that's mean~

Drew "jeez louise high-level power" Perron

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