MISC: The Girl Who Saved The World Part 59

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 13:47:53 PST 2017

On 3/10/2017 11:47 PM, George Phillies wrote:

> “Professor Wells and daughter?” Allison asked.  “Professor Lafayette
> told me about it, in case anyone showed up looking for her, not that it
> wasn’t in the morning Boston Post.”
> “The Post?” Krystal asked, sounding a bit crestfallen.
> “With pictures,” Allison answered.

Heeheehee. :> This is a cute scene so far - the dialogue feels more 

> “There are scones,” Allison answered.  “I baked them myself, packed with
> raisins and hazelnut flour, and caramel icing.  I try to keep things on
> hand, just in case we have another, ummh, distinguished visitor.”

Awwwww, lovely.

> “You.  Distinguished. Also, this Department has six Nobel Laureates,
> fourteen members of the National Academy, a Fields Medalist that Course
> 18 keeps trying to steal from us, not to mention on occasion a Lord of
> Eternity.  So I keep refreshments available, except when Dr. Ashton has
> baked his chocolate brownies. Well, there is a little baked brownie
> under the chocolate orange mocha icing,” Allison said, “so they are
> brownies.”

*.* mmmmm

> “Allison, Krystal, good morning.
> I got out of class early,” she announced, not turning around to see who
> was behind her,  “and I’m just loading up the Jamaica Blue Mountain,
> fresh-ground. But it’s good to see you, Krystal, even if I have to
> disengage my hands from the machinery before I can face you to say
> hello. Just a second.”

This is a bit less naturalistic, notably. It still has a nice, detailed 
feel, though - lots of good description in this segment.

Drew "now I really want brownies" Perron

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