[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #64: Demolio, part 4

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Sat Mar 11 12:54:03 PST 2017

On 2/28/2017 11:19 PM, wilalambre at gmail.com wrote:
> Consciousness returns without light, and with crushing pain. Sharp,
> constant pressure, from every direction. Bending and compress,so violent
> that it feels his skin might rupture.
> But it was _there_. It was _real_. With direction and dimension and mass.

So divorced from reality that pain is reassuring and stabilizing. Not a 
wholly alien feeling. @.@

> He taps into his fusion with instinctual science-sorcery. Burning
> starlight rolls off his body, sliding over dried blood and torn uniform
> and encasing him in a contiguous bubble. He flexes the bubble outward,
> expanding it into a spherical shield. The surrounding bedrock protests.
> Screeches. Screams. The shield holds. The compression relents.

I seriously want to see this animated.

> "Boorish and myopic," she mumbles under her breathe, the storm echoing
> her with thunder.

I think you mispelled "mythopoeic". :3

> "...sammaelle...?" He still had a sense of it, a fleeting idea his
> thoughts desperately were forgetting.

Man. The demonstration we've seen really gives weight to the idea of 
something so terrible your mind would try to avoid remembering.

> Genovefa hisses, as if trying to drown out the word with impulsive
> frenzy. "You should have left well enough alone. You should have turned
> back. You should have known enough to _die_, to _end_ thizs, like your
> impetuousZz precurzor."
> Precursors. The Schrivener. And the Stringer before him. Dead, thanks to
> this madness. The last remnants of their unique starlights still folded
> and carried within him. He stands, wiping mud and blood off his face. "I
> _do_ plan on ending this."

Augh. So many badass moments. Of course, he's kind of made of them to a 
dangerous degree...

> She balls up her hand into a tight fist and pulls her arm back. The
> ground quakes under him. Bedrock wrenches with deep underground rumble.
> On the horizon, a mountain range pulls away into the distance, as if the
> landscape were mirroring the Queen's movement!

Ohhhhh I love this kinda thing :3

> The wizard calls out the fusion fire within him. White hot plasma rolls
> down his arm. He snaps his wrist at the oncoming landmass, whipping out
> energy as a billowing solar flare!
> Fusion plasma lashes out in an enormous arc, colliding with the planet's
> crust! Energy detonates rock and stone! Molecules burn, atoms smash,
> billions all at once! The edge disappears in a chain of nuclear infernos!

Aaaaaaaaaa :D :D :D

> As he struggles for control against the hurricane's ferocity, the raging
> winds carry Genovefa's words to him. "How many civilizZsationz have you
> brought down with thisz power? How many thought you a _god_, flinging
> ruination with a wave of your hand?

I love how much of this series has been cosmic power struggling against 
even MORE cosmic power. Jeez.

> She curls radio waves around her gravity well, throwing her voice at the
> wizard. "No, no, no. No tunnelling under gravitiez. No szcurrying
> beneath the floorboardz. Only here. Only now. Try to run away and We
> will stamp and stomp and _force_ you back out.
> "We will overcome you, and szo once again become _deathlezZz_,
> _endlezZz_ and _infinite_!"

jeeeeeeeeeeeez <3 <3 <3

You know... so, I tried marijuana for the first time recently. It has a 
different effect on everybody, and its biggest effect on me was enhanced 
sensory sensitivity. Everything felt better, touching, tasting, smelling 
- pressing a piece of rough rope to the tip of my nose and inhaling was 
wonderful, putting a small piece of cheese in my mouth was heaven. And 
the thing that reminded me the most of was reading this series. The 
sensory experiences you put in here are amazing, powerful, immanent - 
empowering, ennobling. I love it.

Drew "the scale, the sheer, *tactile* scale" Perron

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