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On 2017-06-13 17:26, George Phillies wrote:
> Readers may wish to enhance this:
> But first, visitors at LNH HQ, speaking to whoever is at the front desk, 
> in events that may not have happened.
> "Hi, I'm Natural Law Revision Lad, and I'd like to buy tickets for the 
> RACCies ceremony.  Two.  One for me, one for my sister Cosmic Cataclysm 
> Lass."  The speaker, in his early 20s, was a handsome young man who wore 
> the classic superhero colorful shirt-and pants outfit.  His sister,  
> equally tall, wore the classic female version of the costume, slightly 
> tighter at key points.
> For unclear reasons, the receptionist began to show signs of alarm.  "Do 
> you always blow up universes?"
> "I only did that once, and they deserved it."
> "What about last month?" her brother asked teasingly.
> "That doesn't count.  That was only a local group of galaxies. And, 
> besides, they asked for it.  They said mean things about my new costume."
> "They also," her brother hastened to add, "had exterminated every 
> intelligent species except their own in their local group."
> "Yes.  But they insulted my new costume. The one I'm not wearing."

The LNH Receptionist was moved to an uncharacteristic flurry of 
efficient action.  She rifled through the files, and exclaimed.  "Oh! 
You're with Starsmasher!"  She held up two tickets.  "The ushers will 
show you to your special gallery."

Having nothing better to do, Natural Law Revision Lad and Cosmic 
Cataclysm Lass took the tickets and followed the usher.  They were shown 
to a featureless whitish chamber which looked suspiciously like a 
containment cube.  But it had a view of the RACCies stage, so they sat down.

As the door of the chamber clicked shut behind them, the view of the 
stage changed to a viewscreen.  The screen showed a youngish woman, in 
black clothes, holding an umbrella.  She said, "Ta!  You can call me 
Rainshade.  Please hold tight.  I'll be back with you shortly."  The 
screen blanked out.

(to be continued)

> And now, the Girl Who Saved the World
>   Chapter Twelve
> The Invisible Fortress
> Morning
> January 16, 2018
> After all, there really is only one world, two if you count Otherearth, 
> so this image of a huge number of different worlds doesn’t match 
> anything that really exists. It matches up against the proof that I read 
> last month, another forbidden book, the proof that you can’t build a 
> sideways time machine. The reason you can’t is that the number of 
> alternate universes is infinitely more than how many numbers there are, 
> so to reach all the universes you would need an infinite number of 
> dimensions into which a sideways time machine could travel, and an 
> infinite number of control knobs to set the destination, all at the same 
> time. I’m not sure I understand the infinite real number part. I do 
> understand “There are as many integers as there are fractions”, though I 
> had a flash of joy when I finally saw how obvious the proof was. It was 
> as good as understanding acceleration. There can’t be an infinite number 
> of control knobs, I think, so there must not be any, so therefore a 
> sideways time machine can’t let you cross from time line to time line, 
> watching the universe gradually change through your window.

In the Museum of Ordered Realities, they explain it as follows... 
"There are an infinite number of frequencies, but on your television 
there are only a few channels.  Each channel takes up a certain range. 
Likewise there are an *uncountable* infinite number of *possible* 
alternate realities, but only a *countable* infinite number of *actual* 
ones.  Each realized reality, consumes some number of alternate *pasts*. 
  And no matter the number, one can set the control to a *subset* of the 
possible outcomes.  In Ordered Realities, we currently recognize 
fifty-two universes."

> When the gamesmasters appeared to talk to her, Janie had had a persona 
> champion. Durand explained how champions worked, in case someone in the 
> audience didn’t know.Then she interviewed the champion. The champion was 
> Morgana Lafayette, Sunssword in her public persona. She was on my ‘avoid 
> at all costs’ list. She knew what Joe, the kid who rescued Janie, looked 
> like. She’d realize that Janie’s game opponent was the same Joe. She’d 
> want to ask me a few questions, like where I live and how to contact my 
> mom. One question would lead to another. She’d work out Joe is Eclipse 
> in disguise. Then I started to wonder: Why hadn’t Janie’s parents asked 
> those questions? They’d been happy to meet another Janie game opponent, 
> but hadn’t been at all curious about where I live or who my mother is. 
> They were less curious than is reasonable. I should have noticed.If I 
> hadn’t been so busy prepping for the Maze, well, that’s an excuse.

Oooh, I see action coming!

(Credit:  Rainshade is a character of Tom Russell, who graciously 
volunteered her for RACCies activities.)

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