LNH: Another LNH Title? Really? #8 Epilogue

Adrian McClure mrfantastic7 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 20:56:15 PDT 2017

I just realized there was a scene which I took out because the issue
was getting too long but I referred to it in the end credits, and the
world would be significantly better with that scene, so here it is.
This is a drabble:

"So yeah," said Halls Jordan, "the problem is the newsgroup would have
really freaked out back in the day if they'd known not all the 'core'
LNHers were straight."

"Wow," said Cliche Dude. "Things sure are different now."

"Wonder who's coming out next?"

"No idea. It's sure not me, ha ha ha. I'm totally straight! As an
arrow!" The blonde sighed inwardly. He didn't dare to express his true
feelings. He stared into the brunette's deep dark eyes and--

Wait, why was he thinking about them as 'the blonde' and 'the
brunette'? This could only be...



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