MISC: The Girl Who Saved...

George Phillies phillies at 4liberty.net
Sun Jul 23 13:29:51 PDT 2017

>> "So, good bye."  and with that the Dudnamic Duo vanished into a flash of
>> blinding -- but only for a moment -- darkness.
> Ultimate Darkness blinked.  Then it farted in the direction of The Girl
> Who Saved the Universe, and then went back to sleep.

Eclipse is actually several books away from "The Girl Who Saved All the 
Universes" but I have already populated the Vissorant. It thinks of 
itself as a whale eating Krill, but each Krill is an entire universe.

I once said "the grossest monster in the history of D&D", and got 
challenged about that, but got agreement that a Vissorant might qualify.

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