MISC/RACCies: Raccies 2017: Bidding Adieu

George Phillies phillies at 4liberty.net
Sat Jul 22 12:14:22 PDT 2017

"That was a truly fine ceremony," Cosmic Cataclysm Lass said.  "It had 
all the right ingredients."

"Indeed it did," Natural Law Revision Lad said.  "But now it is time to 
return home."

"Does that mean that you are leaving?" their guest asked.

"Alas, we must depart." Natural Law Revision Lad stared sadly at the 
now-empty stage. "I will take us both there."

"No, you won't.   I will." Cosmic Cataclysm Lass put her hands firmly on 
her hips.  "The last time you took us to another universe, we ended up 
in one of those derivative-of-Boris-Vallejo universes, and not even the 
authentic one."

"Good point," her brother answered.

"Is something wrong with those places?" their temporary companion asked. 
"Boris Vallejo is a brilliant artist."

"The guys, except the ones with four hundred pounds of muscle, " Natural 
Law Revision Lad explained, "all wear beautiful ruffled shirts, 
polychrome vests, long dress coats with extended tails, ankle-length 
capes with huge high collars, long loose trousers, and boots.  The women 
wear...well, about one of my sister's smaller bikinis....And they are 
all comfortable."

"Being comfortable is a problem?" the temporary companion asked.

"What temperature is it?  They guys are dressed for the low 60s, and the 
gals are dressed for the mid-80s."  Natural Law Revision Lad sounded 
distraught. "Those universes have a  solution.  It's two temperatures at 
the same time.  Low 60s for the guys.  High 80s for the gals.  It gives 
my powers a headache, just to think about. I let my sister do the 
walking for us."

"So, good bye."  and with that the Dudnamic Duo vanished into a flash of 
blinding -- but only for a moment -- darkness.

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