[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #63: Demolio, part 3

George Phillies phillies at 4liberty.net
Sat Jan 21 14:53:37 PST 2017

The Super Wizard...
> The farther twin points in the opposite direction. "Genovefa's mind
> encompasses our _entire_ universe. Her id is so vast that it has its own
> _gravity_. But it also limits her philosophies. You'll have to go
> _farther_, beyond where even her expansive thoughts cannot tolerate."

Ummh, and her ego is missing?  It collapsed into its own black hole?
> A fearful presence. An existence that shouldn't exist. Like a _void_ the
> wizard cannot help but associate with the oldest and strongest terror.
> Terror he instinctually knew he shared with
>> Everyone, _every_ miserable living creature, _everywhere_, THEN and NOW
> and in what little feverish burning FUTURE that _I_ leave them with.
> It spoke _past_ him. It spoke _over_ him. It spoke like a giant, catching
> him in its narrative and dragging him out along black seas that should not
> _speak_ nor should be _spoken of_

A truly portentous image.  But what does it portend?

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