SW10/REVIEW: Catalog of Earths, 2016 Update #5 of 5: Recently-Discovered Universes

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sun Jan 1 18:30:38 PST 2017

--- PART 5: Recently-Discovered Universes ---

UNIVERSE: The "DiVerse"

- Type:  Mystic

- Chronicler:  Colin ("DeuceXM")

- Chronicler's Web Site:  http://lastlibrary.tumblr.com/

- Activity:  occasional

- Relevance:  Major (increased from Intermediate last year).  Could 
interact with the Council.

- Threat Analysis:  Intermediate.  The activity happens on multiple 
worlds, including at least one Earthlike world with heroes, and one 
interplanetary world with Earthlike and Godlike members.

- Recommendation:  Monitor.

- Critique: The center of action moves around.  The action is well 
written, and always on human level.  "Jetbird and the Kid" continue, and 
is at the point of excitement.  "Captain Calamity" has shown up in the 
last year; it's a start.  "Systemic" has also shown up; it shows great 
promise.  This universe is full of promise... but not much action yet. 
Exactly like, starting stories but not finishing them.

- Psychovant's Comments:  I see the stories are talking less about 
Salons and more about Worldbreakers.  So I won't be vacationing there. 
But maybe this place could do something I'd at least buy the postcards for.


UNIVERSE: "The Truth About Fiction"

- Type:  Superhuman

- Chronicler:  Michael D. Friedman

- Chronicler's Web Site:  apparently none

- Activity:  Inactive.  Noted for historic reasons only.

- Relevance:  Medium. Could possibly interact with the Council.


UNIVERSE:  Eclipse's Earth ("The Girl Who Saved The World")

- Type:  Superhuman

- Chronicler:  George Phillies

- Chronicler's Web Site:  none

- Activity:  On occasion

- Relevance:  High.  Could easily interact with the Council.  Indeed, 
they've taken notice of our omniversal scanning.  So, they're as 
relevant as their Writer wants them to be...  Lydia Devin once shrugged 
her shoulders, and crossed universes.  These heroes could too.

- Threat Analysis:  Major.  The greatest threat on this world is a 
"Namestone", which has been captured by a young superhuman.  It grants 
superpowers at the level of minimal "Superboy" -- one who changes the 
orbit of huge stars -- or higher.  The world powers are deciding how to 

- Recommendation:  As before, we recommend an omniversal quarantine... 
Their own world has spent the last *two* years deciding how to react to 
just this *internal* threat.  If we leave it alone, it may wither.  But 
if we prick it, it may explode.

- Author's Comment:  They may have a historical explanation for what is 
going on.  But when you believe history is a superstition, your 
explanations for the world can be obscure.

- Critique:  Impressive.  This story mostly distinguishes itself, just 
by continuing.  This is alternate-universe political drama, with 
highly-powered superhumans and interesting glimpses of culture.  It is 
one of the most active storylines we monitor.  Yet it moves really 
slowly.  Our Heroine has spent the last *year* doing several days of 
healing.  And sometimes the story gets rewritten and republished.  Is 
there a definitive version somewhere?  It would be worth re-reading.

- Psychovant's Comments:  [reduckted] - Heh!  I like that!  But Our Hero 
is *still* cleaning her barn.  That's been two years now.  Is this just 
a setup for a role-playing game or something?  Like, Eclipse And Her 
Amazing Friends?  If so, watch out for the Duck character!


Author's Note:  I checked to see if I'd missed something.  Apparently 
not.  Last year's contributors are all this year has to offer, and some 
have fallen away.  *cough* Truth About Fiction *cough*

I promoted the Super Wizard From Space to "Legacy Universes".  Perhaps 
I'm biased because of that gift which keeps on giving, the Diabolical 
Devilman.  But Drew mentioned last year, the Super Wizard storyline is 
hardly Recently-Discovered.

I got more distracted than usual by all the fireworks and shiny objects 
on New Year's Eve.  So End-of-Year Reviews has become Start-of-Year 
Reviews also.  No rule against that...!

(signed) Scott Eiler, 1 Jan 2017.

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