[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #63: Demolio, part 3

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Mon Feb 20 18:37:13 PST 2017

On 1/17/2017 6:31 PM, wilalambre at gmail.com wrote:
> "Here I am, having a heck of a time trying to put my _own_ head together, I
> never figured on finding szomeone _else'sz_ in here, too."

That guy knows what I'm talking about!

> The first stands away, withdrawn and suspicious. Arms crossed and angry fear on
> her face. The look of someone so scared of something that it just makes them
> hate it all the more. Its a familiar look, one he's seen on countless people and
> countless species.

Haha yeah. x.x

> The other crouches beside him. She has that same expression, but in her eyes,
> the fear's turned fierce and mischievous.

I like her already!

  "I know you," she buzzes at him, "That
> iz, I know you by reputation. We've never actually met in perzon. And from the
> ztate of you, I don't know if we ever will."


> She chuckles. "I don't know if you _can_ ezcape. Not from here." He'z a tediouzs
> idea at the end of its novelty, a monotonouzs beat that'z lozst itz rhythm. She
> stands with an exaggerated sigh. "You hear that? I have a hard time dizagreeing.
> Maybe itz better to let zomething better drown you out."

ooooh. Narrative entangled with knots of thoughts.

> "I know you, too." The new
> Szybilla, uncooperative and broken, a dizgrace that muzt _not_ be the future of
> my sZwarm.
> "That's not my name!" snarls the farther with sudden fire. "I'm _Melisende_. I'm
> _me_. I'm not a _thing_."

Yes! Fight the narrative!

> The farther steps up, "And can you _fix_ me?" Dezperation flickz across her
> face. Anchored to a pazt thatz long been szuffocated. She knowz the truth,
> though she won't admit it.
> The closer looks at her twin with disappointment. They dont say anything.
> Crushing diszappointment needz no wordz.

awwwwwwww ;.;

> The farther twin points in the opposite direction. "Genovefa's mind encompasses
> our _entire_ universe. Her id is so vast that it has its own _gravity_. But it
> also limits her philosophies. You'll have to go _farther_, beyond where even her
> expansive thoughts cannot tolerate."

ohhhhh I love this. Powerful concepts, powerful space.

> "Iz that _concern_ I hear?" the closer twin mocks. "Unlike you, I'm juzt
> viziting. Its... hmm... how can I dumb thiz down for you... its lezz of a hive
> mind, more of a hive intranet?" An _overlap of conzciousneszez_ in a shared idea
> zpace. She shrugs.

Aaaaa so cool :D

> Out there iz a _prezence_ that muzt _not_ be known! That muzt not know of _uz_!
> He rolls his weight over.
> ...no NO NO, out there iz _the end_, out there iz only...
> And he tumbles _out_.
> ...sZammaelle...

ohhhhhhh :o Is this...

> But there was _something_ here.
> Within the emptiness. Or behind it. Or _of_ it. Something creeping and creeping
> and waiting to be seen and felt and heard.
> Something vast and intimate. Something horribly foreign yet horribly familiar.
>> A moment, before we get to the last story of my only daughter.

Oh SHIT. o.o :D @.@

> This was something _more_ than Genovefa. This was something _beyond_ Genovefa.
>> I wish I was able to comfort her, to whisper lullabies, to let her know
> _someone_ loved her.

Shiiiiiiiiit. Mom is home.

> Terror he instinctually knew he shared with
>> Everyone, _every_ miserable living creature, _everywhere_, THEN and NOW and in
> what little feverish burning FUTURE that _I_ leave them with.
> It spoke _past_ him. It spoke _over_ him.. It spoke like a giant, catching him
> in its narrative and dragging him out along black seas that should not _speak_
> nor should be _spoken of_



> Back to his desperate self. Back to the safety of mediocre reality. He lets
> desperation overwhelm him. He releases his thoughts.
> He lets go.

Drew "shiiiiii--" Perron

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